Make the Best of a Trade Fair Using PowerPoint

Summary: A good start means half the success. Start your trade fair activities with a well-designed PowerPoint presentation, and spread your business in smart presence.
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For many companies, trade fair is a significant means to reach the customers and prospects quickly. The fair gives a vendor the opportunity to not only show the products or describe the service, but also create that all important first impression. Do you have it best planned when you are in charge of the company's trade fair activities for this year? Maybe you have a bit idea of where to begin. Maybe you have nothing in mind at all. Nevertheless, you can ground an excellent trade fair using MS PowerPoint.

Why begin a trade fair with PowerPoint?
As an authoring tool, PowerPoint proves the most effective expression of your products and services on a trade fair. The animations, graphics, music, transitions, and smart art are probable to make your trade fair presentation far more engaging than a traditional sales call. That is one thing.

Another thing is that PowerPoint and trade fair share the same nature - both are about presenting, say how to present an idea, a product or service in the most intuitive way. A good presentation may serve as if a door to future communication.

The coming question is
What is necessary to prepare a good trade fair presentation?
Before making a presentation, you have to set a goal for the trade fair. Specify the objective of the trade fair, e.g. to promote a new product, to extend relationship with existing clients, or to counter a competitor in the market. Then compose in PowerPoint the message that you want to convey to the target audience.

Remember that you cannot include everything within a single presentation. So try to measure it simply with the most important information. Here are some tips for you when creating a trade fair presentation:

  •  Concentrate on the strength rather than the whole of your products or services.
  •  Brief the text in your PowerPoint presentation. Never spoil the presentation as if a boring brochure with too much info.
  •  Let a picture talk about your business. A well-selected picture or photo of your products is obvious to attract trade show attendees at a single glance.
  •  Set a central point of the trade fair presentation. Discover the essence of your business and ensure everything revolves around that central idea.
  •  Make a prominent design of the company name and the positioning statement in the presentation. Try the best to make it impressive.

In addition, make DVD copies of the trade fair presentation using Moyea PowerPoint to DVD Burner.
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Benefits of doing that lies in that it enables you to
Play your trade fair presentation on big screen TVs without attendance. The DVD presentation will display in loop automatically, so you do not have to sit all day long at your computer for a full control of it.
Distribute these DVD handouts to existing and potential customers with ease. Attendees are always busy collecting on a trade show. In consequence, a considerate DVD handout of your promotional presentation must be good for post-trade fair business cooperation.
Brand your company image as logo on the output DVD slideshow. The PowerPoint to DVD burning software allows you to add a logo to identify and brand your presentation work. A smart addition to publicizing your business.

That is the magic of a presentation may produce on trade fairs. If you are one of such blank-in-mind exhibitors, try to begin with our presentation method.

For more information on burning a PowerPoint presentation onto a DVD disc, please refer to Tutorial of converting PowerPoint to DVD with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

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