PowerPoint to Blu-ray Disc

Convert PowerPoint presentation to Blu-ray DVD

Yes. It’s no fantasy. It’s a truth. The joint power of PowerPoint and Blu-ray Disc can be tremendous to yield great psychic or economic benefits. By burning PowerPoint to Blu-ray Disc, you get extensive distribution of your presentations through HDTV, video projectors and Blu-ray Disc players.
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PowerPoint to Blu-ray

First Word on PowerPoint & Blu-ray

  • PowerPoint

    As dynamic authoring tool, MS PowerPoint is familiar to most of computer literates. PowerPoint lets you add animations, transitions, audio and video clips to your presentation text and graphics, and hence makes your audience come alive.
    It has won a prevailing position in current multimedia project creation and demonstration. Its user group covers nearly all computer literates, no matter business, school professionals, government speakers, church priests, or home IT addicts.

  • Blu-ray Disc

    In contrary to PowerPoint, the coming of the first Blu-ray disk is a score of years later. As a rising successor to DVD, Blu-ray is making a revolutionary way to enable full-length, high-definition movie rewriting and data backing up and trying to occupy lion’s share in next disc market. To learn more information on this charming disc format, see Basics You Need to Know about Blu-ray.

Now you have formed a rudimentary idea of Blu-ray, it’s necessary to lay out a benefit list for PowerPoint to Blu-ray conversion.


Big Benefits of Burning PowerPoint to Blu-ray

PowerPoint helps create professional-look courseware, vivid sales reports, eye-catching speeches, entertaining photo albums, etc. But what if you want to

  • Show your sister’s wedding slideshow on a HD TV?
  • Share a holiday presentation with the whole family at home?
  • Submit a business PPT report to a client who uses an incompatible computer?
  • Spread a bulk of class presentation stuffs to students without PowerPoint?
  • Send a sermon slideshow to your parishioners via a TV instead of a projector?

How can you make all that above? It’s obvious that MS PowerPoint sucks at such situations, for it does lack the capability of distributing complicated content (e.g. a presentation including an audio or a video clip) fast and faithfully across platforms.

To get out of the problems, a simple secret comes – To burn your PowerPoint presentations to a Blu-ray or DVD disc. Blu-ray and DVD share the same root, yet the former is more capable in preserving HD images, storing HD videos and rewriting any digital data. With your PPT content finalized on Blu-ray, you can enjoy these sweet benefits:

  • Watch a warm PowerPoint presentation with family on a home Blu-ray player
  • Deliver a product PPT ad via a business TV to existing and new customers
  • Enjoy cool-quality movie slideshows on HD TV with your beloved
  • Keep precious PowerPoint photo albums away from unwanted modification
  • Display your presentation genius around without a computer – a simple Blu-ray disc is enough

Whether you build a fantastic PowerPoint project on business, education or politics, it’s no more difficult to hook it to your Blu-ray player and show on HD TV provided burning to disc.


Then how to burn a stack of PowerPoint presentations to a Blu-ray disc? Here is

The Best Tool to Burn PowerPoint to Blu-ray Disc

Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro can help. Since Blu-ray resembles and embeds all of DVD, the PPT to DVD conversion app enables you to convert PowerPoint presentations to HD video and burn directly to DVD/Blu-ray Disc, while beautifying selected PPT files with elegant DVD menus. Additionally, you can use it to burn a dozen of PPT files, larger in size, onto a Blu-ray Disc all at once. Burning PowerPoint to Blu-ray and to DVD is very similar with the burner. For more info, see Overview of the PPT to DVD Burner Pro and How to Burn PowerPoint to DVD and Blu-ray.

Once turned to a compatible HD video and written on disc, your PowerPoint presentation can play smoothly on a Blu-ray Disc player attached to a TV, HD TV or video projector.