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convert PPT file to 3GP video for playback on mobile phones

About 3GP

3GP, also the third generation video standard, is a multimedia container format defined by 3GPP for use on 3G mobile phones. It is a simplified version of MP4 container format. It stores video streams as MPEG-4 or H.263 and audio streams as AMR-NB or AAC-LC, and describes image sizes and bandwidth so that content is correctly sized for mobile display screens.

3GP files are viewable on a PC using QuickTime or RealPlayer. By converting PowerPoint to 3GP video, you can view PPT stuff on your 3G cell phone without broadband connection.

How to convert PowerPoint to 3GP?

Moyea PPT to Video Converter allows you to create high quality 3GP video from your PowerPoint presentations and thus makes it easy to play video slideshows on your 3G mobile phone.

Learn how to quickly convert a PowerPoint presentation to slick 3GP video and playback on your 3G phone. Here are 5 basic steps to create 3GP video from a PowerPoint presentation:

  • 1. Run the PPT to Video Converter on your PC, and import PPT files
  • 2. Set the output video format as 3GP, adjust video and/or audio quality
  • 3. Make more settings for the 3GP video profile, if you are tech savvy
  • 4. Click 'Customize' to reset misc options like 'Timing', 'Music', etc.
  • 5. Click the 'Start' button to start the conversion of PPT to 3GP video

In-Depth Look at PPT to 3GP Conversion

Step 1: Start the program and import PPT files
Install and run the .exe file of Moyea PPT to Video Converter. On the main panel, click Add to import a PowerPoint file that you want to convert to 3GP video.

Step 2: Set your output video format as 3GP
In the 'Profile' dropdown list, choose '3GP' as the output video format. Adjust the video quality to 'high' if you want the best video effect. In the 'Output' field, specify a proper directory for your 3GP video.
convert PowerPoint presentation to 3GP video


Step 3: Make more settings for the 3GP video profile
Next to the 'Profile' dropdown list, click the Settings button. A 'Profile' interface appears.

To customize video profiles of your 3GP output, tick the Video checkbox, and do the following:

Click on Video Codec to choose a video codec (XVID, MPEG4, H.264 available) for your 3GP output.
In the Quality dropdown list, choose a quality standard for your video. You can set it to 'high', 'medium', 'low' and 'custom'.
In the Bit Rate field, select a bit rate for your video slideshow.
Go to the Video Size field, and choose the best display size for your video.
Similarly, select a frame rate and an aspect ratio for your video.

To customize audio profiles of your 3GP output, tick the Audio checkbox. Perform in the same way as you customize the video profiles.

Once set, click OK to save the new changes.
convert PowerPoint presentation to 3GP video

Step 4: Customize conversion parameters if necessary
To make custom settings for the 3GP video, in the main panel of the program, click the Customize button. Five options are available for customization - Timing, Music, Audio, Slide and Conversion. Change each option as required.


Step 5: Convert PowerPoint presentation to 3GP video
After conversion setting, hit the Start icon to start converting your PowerPoint presentation to 3GP video. The conversion process is clear in the task list. You can see a video file with .3gp extension.

Click Finish. Open the 3GP video with a media player to test its effect, shown as below:   

convert PowerPoint presentation to 3GP video

Very easy, isn't it? Connect the 3GP video slideshow to your 3G phone. Enjoy free fun of your chic video slideshow.

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