Moyea Software Company Profile

Since our establishment in 2006, Moyea has grown into one of the world’s most robust providers of multimedia conversion software, Internet-based downloaders and web players for business, education and entertainment.

Moyea Software Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen by Steven Zhang, a mild software engineer who remains the company’s CEO today. Moyea is making its way in the field of top consumer software. It is made up of young, well-educated geeks whose average age is below 30, 95% received bachelor’s degree. Dauntless Moyea always believes in product quality and non-stop tech innovation.

Moyea’s Mission
We are committed to developing and delivering best consumer software for firms, organizations and individuals, including IT engineers and digital addicts around the world, with a view to boosting their business, inspiring their creativity and diversifying their daily life in processing flash files, graphics, images, presentations, audio and video files. With a fresh push for creativity, Moyea is looking for keen partners, competent affiliates and customers worldwide to harness the multimedia and enjoy the charm.

Product Lines
Moyea deals with a vast variety of desktop tools, server solutions and plug-ins, which includes:
PowerPoint Converters
Web Players, Video Conversion Tools
Flash Video Tools, SWF Converter Kits
All above can assist users best in E-learning, distance presentation, multimedia application, programming as well as website designing. For more info, please explore the host site of Moyea