Create A Special Family Slideshow for Father's Day

Summary: Make a special family slideshow, finalize it in video or DVD, and give the modern gift to dad on Father's Day.

Are you ready for this Father's Day, the great occasion for your great dad? Still at a loss on what gift to give to your daddy? Well, why not make something funny and special, such as a unique family slideshow for Father's Day? All that papa expects on that day is nothing but your care and love for him. And a personalized slideshow is actually a perfect way to show that you remember the important day, that you care for the most significant man in your life, and can go longer than any material gift to please your papa.

father's day gift

Here are details of making a family slideshow for Father's Day. 

What you will need:
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Digital family photos or poems and songs for papa
  • USB flash disk or blank DVD disc for backup
  • Conversion tool: Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

How to make a Father's Day slideshow:
It is a two-step job in general – construct a family slideshow in PowerPoint and convert the PPT slideshow to video or DVD for distribution.

Step I: Construct it in PowerPoint
The most challenging part is no doubt the creation of a family slideshow, as it requires you to prepare every source that you want to include in the slideshow in advance. What does a family slideshow look like? It varies according to your wish. You can make it an animated expression of your poem/letter for Dad, or a delicate demonstration of a family photo album, or any imaginative mix of greetings, jokes, pictures, flash and video clips of dad's favorites. Any slideshow subject that caters to your dad is OK, but each needs a particular preparation.
For a sheer poem or letter slideshow, you may need to employ related templates (Click Here to download free Father's Day PowerPoint templates) to colorize it, insert a flash file to vivify it, and add your own voice greetings to climax it. For a family photo slideshow, you may have to collect a good album of photos of Dad at different moments, organize text description for each slide, and prepare a soft song as background music of the whole slideshow.
Just storm your brain and prepare as early as possible a fabulous family slideshow for Father's Day. See more in How to Make a Wonderful PowerPoint Slideshow.

Step II: Convert it to video or DVD
As PowerPoint is often vulnerable and not friendly for distant distribution, it is appropriate to convert your family slideshow to final video or DVD, either of which proves more compatible and protective to various terminals like TV, Internet and many mobile gadgets. This step is a two-click cinch using Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, a powerful PowerPoint to DVD and video conversion tool. After installation of the software on your computer, import the Father's Day family slideshow file. Next, select a proper output format: 

Save your family slideshow to video

Choose to convert to video if you want to show your love for dad to the whole world on the Web. Then you can publish the special video slideshow on your blog, or YouTube, and telephone dad to go there on the right day. Or simply email the video to dad. Even when you are staying away from dad and will be absent then, you can wish him a happy Father's Day by such an extended video. Dad will not feel alone on that day when he finds that distance doesn't cease children's concern for him.

Save your family slideshow to DVD

If you are to celebrate the special occasion at home or parties with TV, then select the DVD output (HD DVD is recommended for big screen). Invite all in the extended family - uncles, aunts and cousins to your home beforehand on Father's Day. Imagine a whole family sitting at a dinner table that big day, watching your masterpiece slideshow on a wally screen with a DVD player. Imagine how amazed dad will feel!

Record on video or DVD the slideshow of special memories with Dad, fill him with comfort and joy, and get closer to him on the God-blessing Father's Day.

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