Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2010 Ideas

The 2010 Halloween is coming soon and this year, there’s an unbelievable selection of Halloween costumes from which to choose.  Checkout the choices available this year for Halloween costumes we’ve chosen for you:

Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2010 Ideas:
Conan O’Brien… sad and funny at the same time.
Justin Bieber, if you have the hair for it… just do it!
Lady Gaga, meat dress… will freak out vegetarians!
Inception, Leonardo in his jammies… not so scary…
Joaquin Phoenix, if you are going for weird.
Avatar… Na’vi… sexier than Smurfettes!
Snooki… do the poof hair, the orange tan, shades, cell phone… you got it!
BP Oil… scary!
Christine O’Donnell… scarier!
The Situation, with the right beer-belly, could be really funny!

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