Top 10 Foods for Thanksgiving Day

In all probability, you’ve been planning your Thanksgiving Day meal for a little while now. However, every year the issue surfaces of what to make and how much to serve, as the number of guests change, along with their eating habits. And I’m sure that you are not likely to want a fridge full of leftovers.

If you’re hesitating which food what to do, we have compiled this Top 10 list of Thanksgiving musts-haves. It must be a useful reference for your Thanksgiving-dinner-preparing.

Top 10 Foods for Thanksgiving Day
#1 Stuffing/Dressing
#2 Turkey
#3 Mashed Potatoes
#4 Ham
#5 Cranberry
#6 Pumpkin Pie
#7 Rolls/Bread
#8 Sweet Potatoes
#9 Green Bean Casserole
#10 Turducken
You can find more about the top 10 Thankgiving foods from the following presentation or PowerPoint-made video:

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Video: Top 10 Foods for Thanksgiving Day

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Have a nice Thanksgiving meal!

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