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How Different American Idol Finalists Handled “Hallelujah”

Hallelujah” is a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and originally released on his studio album Various Positions (1984).
Although “Hallelujah” achieved little initial success, in recent years its cover versions have been performed by a large number and broad range of artists, both in recordings and in concert.
Lee DeWyz, the 24-year-old Illinois sales clerk hit the ball out of the park on Tuesday night. Lee DeWyz was the dominant force on stage and clearly proved, as the American Idol judges love to say, he’s in it to win it. The song “Hallelujah” (by Leonard Cohen) Lee DeWyz sang was selected by Simon Cowell, and it turned out to be the total Lee DeWyze version. For the second time on the same night, Lee was full of raw emotion and sang his heart out. Backed up by a gospel choir and lots of instrumentation, the song sounded terrific, Lee energized the crowd and he brought some people in the audience to tears.
“I’ve been waiting all season, man, to see who’s gonna throw down the real gauntlet to try and win the whole thing!” Randy exclaimed. “This was, I think, your biggest moment at the biggest time in your career, on this show. That was unbelievable, dude — unbelievable!”
Actually, at least 3 American Idol Finalists sang Hallelujah, and they were Lee DeWyze, Tim Urban, Jason Castro.
Let’s enjoy the beautiful voices from the three excellent American Idol Finalists:

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