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San Fermin Festival in Spain, 2010

San Fermin Festival, a nine-day festival held since 1591 in Spain, ended on Wednesday. Tens of thousands of foreign visitors descend on Pamplona, Spain each year for revelry, morning bull-runs and afternoon bullfights. Although the tradition of bullfighting remains strong in Pamplona, opposition from animal rights groups remains high, and the parliament of the nearby Spanish province of Catalonia will soon be voting on a motion to outlaw bullfighting altogether. One new recent restriction in Pamplona – no vuvuzelas allowed. Sale of the noisy horns has been banned by the local government.
We’ve collected several photos of this year’s events in Pamplona, Spain and made a video and a PowerPoint slideshow, enjoy them!

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Video: San Fermin Festival in Spain, 2010

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