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FIFA World Cup Mascots (1966–2010)

Each FIFA World Cup since 1966 has its own mascot. World Cup Willie, the mascot for the 1966 competition, was the first World Cup mascot, and one of the first mascots to be associated with a major sporting competition. The mascot designs show some representing a characteristic feature (costume, flora, fauna, etc) of the host country.

The World Cup mascot is mostly targeted at children with cartoon shows and other merchandise released to coincide with the competition.

Here, we’ve collected all the mascots of the FIFA World Cups from 1966 to 2010:
FIFA World Cup Mascots
England 1966: World Cup Willie
Mexico 1970 : Juanito
Germany 1974: Tip and Tap
Argentina 1978: Gauchito
Spain 1982: Naranjito
Mexico 1986: Pique
Italy 1990 : Ciao
USA 1994: Striker, the World Cup Pup
France 1998: Footix
Korea/Japan 2002: Ato, Kaz and Nik (The Spheriks)
Germany 2006 : Goleo VI & Pille
South Africa 2010: Zakumi

Also, a video and a PowerPoint presentation are available for your treasuring up:

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