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Apple iOS 4: 10 Best Features

The iPhone OS 4 upgrade, or iOS 4, arrived Monday at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific for all iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G users who had their devices hooked to iTunes. The update weighs in at 378MB, and you need the latest version of iTunes 9.2 to be able to download iOS 4.

Multitasking might be the biggest news in the latest version of the iPhone OS, but it has plenty of other useful features and refinements, too. Here’s a hands-on look at our 10 favorites:

Feature 1: Wallpaper for iPhone’s lock and home screens

Feature 2: Multitasking

Feature 3: Unified Inbox and Threaded E-Mail

Feature 4: Getting the Right Words

Feature 5: Organize Your Apps in Folders

Feature 6: Make Playlists in the iPod App

Feature 7: Improvements to the Messages App

Feature 8: iBooks on Your Bookshelf

Feature 9: Digital Zoom and Geolocation for Your Camera

Feature 10: Useful Enhancements in Native Apps

Apple iOS 4: 10 Best Features

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Apple iOS 4: 10 Best Features


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