Past Perseid Meteor Showers

The Perseid Meteor Shower happens annually around Aug. 11 and 12. It’s the result of debris left over from the comet Swift-Tuttle in 1862.

Now is the time to grab your loved ones, a sleeping bag and a camera, and head away from the city lights for one of the largest meteor showers we has seen in years.

Though Comet Swift-Tuttle won’t be visible during this shower, as it is too far from the sun to be seen with even the most powerful telescopes, dust sloughing off from the 17-mile-wide comet will produce the Perseid meteor shower through the end of the month.

We’ve collected some beautiful pictures of the past Perseid meteor showers and made a slide show and a video slideshow. Enjoy.

And tonight is the peak of the shower.

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Video: Past Perseid Meteor Showers

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