Official FIFA World Cup Match Balls (1970–2010)

South Africa’s World Cup official announced JABULANI game ball attracted much attention, JABULANI Adidas for the World Cup as the launch of Paragraph 11 of the ball race, in the appearance and the production process than in the past, there has been a qualitative leap. Adidas in 1963 began making high-quality match ball, when the vast majority of football is brown, very heavy, kicking up legs will hurt. In 1970, FIFA for the first time asked to provide official Adidas Mexico World Cup ball, then adidas has become the world’s leading football brand. Here we look at Adidas for the World Cup since 1970, provides 11 games with the ball, to witness the development of football science and technology.

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    World Cup has been very exiting so far. Looking forwards to the upcoming games of Germany and Argentina. If i had to place my money on a team it would surely be Argentina.

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