Mr. Olympia Winners 1965–2010

Jay Cutler won the 2010 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition on Saturday, September 25. The 2010 win marked the fourth time Cutler has taken home the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding title.

Cutler, not to confuse with the Chicago Bears quarterback of the same name, beat out Phil Heath, who came in second. Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson rounded out the top four at 2010 Mr. Olympia.

Cutler’s 2010 Mr. Olympia win is his second in a row and his fourth in five years.

Jay Cutler joins the pantheon of bodybuilders who have won Mr. Olympia multiple times that includes Lee Haney (eight times), Ronnie Coleman (eight), Dorian Yates (six), and Arnold “Arnold is Numero Uno” Schwarzenegger (seven).

Here is a list of all Mr. Olympia winners from 1965 to 2010 and the times they won the title.

#1 8 titles

Lee Haney  1984-1991

Ronnie Coleman  1998-2005

#2 7 titles

Arnold Schwarzenegger  1970-1975, 1980

#3 6 titles

Dorian Yates  1992-1997

#4 4 titles

Jay Cutler  2006–2007, 2009-2010

#5 3 titles

Sergio Oliva   1967–1969

Frank Zane  1977–1979

#6 2 titles

Larry Scott  1965-1966

Franco Columbu   1976, 1981

#7 1 title

Samir Bannout  1983

Chris Dickerson 1982

Dexter Jackson   2008

Also, we’ve made a PowerPoint presentation with the photos of all the Mr. Olympia Winners and converted the PowerPoint presentation to YouTube video. Hopefully, you will like them:

PowerPoint: Mr. Olympia Winners 1965–2010 PowerPoint to video

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Video: Mr. Olympia Winners 1965–2010

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