Lakers Won NBA Finals 2010 Game 7 with 83-79

Purple and gold confetti raining down upon him, Kobe Bryant hopped up on the scorer’s table, shook his fists and extended five fingers.

When he hopped down, Boston’s legendary Hall of Fame center Bill Russell was waiting to shake his hand.

A Game 7 classic—and this time, it finally went the Lakers’ way.

Bryant, the finals MVP, scored 23 points despite 6-of-24 shooting, and the Lakers won their 16th NBA championship Thursday night, dramatically rallying from a fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Celtics 83-79 in Game 7 of the NBA finals.

Bryant earned his fifth title with the Lakers, who repeated as NBA champions for the first time since winning three straight from 2000-02. Coach Phil Jackson added his 11th, matching Russell’s total and possibly putting a cap on his remarkable career if he decides to leave the Lakers.

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  4. Reyes Walquist says:

    I admire kobe Bryant and i think he is a tremendous athlete. But i also like Ray Allen so this is the best nba series so far. Both team are fierce both on defense and offense.

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  9. Angle Sautter says:

    Okay I am honestly not so sure on that. Did you check the citations?

  10. Jacquline Reints says:

    Amazing! Incredible championship! 2010 was one of the best NBA Championship of recent memory. Go Lakers!

  11. Lyndon Ducceschi says:

    The parade was all-out fun! I’m so thankful the lakers got the ‘Chip though– it was unbelievable being shoved for hours to join the parade with them. It’s also total show of faith on their part to pay for the parade. California and specially LA is in much serious straits financially

  12. Reyes Dubois says:

    Lakers deserved to win this year, hands down. and not cause I’m a big fan of Bryant :) They were the best.

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  15. Malcolm Morimoto says:

    Proudest Lakers lover right here. From the time Magic Johnson was with the Lakers, till the Kobe days, I’ve been a devotee. Zero of that bandwangon bull from me! I knew they would take the championship this year. 2 years consecutively. Can you even title that fate? I think whoever calls that luck is out of their judgment. Lakers are the champions, and will always be the superstars. Specific mention to MVP Kobe Bryant. Felicitations Lakers!

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