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Past Perseid Meteor Showers

The Perseid Meteor Shower happens annually around Aug. 11 and 12. It’s the result of debris left over from the comet Swift-Tuttle in 1862.

Now is the time to grab your loved ones, a sleeping bag and a camera, and head away from the city lights for one of the largest meteor showers we has seen in years.

Though Comet Swift-Tuttle won’t be visible during this shower, as it is too far from the sun to be seen with even the most powerful telescopes, dust sloughing off from the 17-mile-wide comet will produce the Perseid meteor shower through the end of the month.

We’ve collected some beautiful pictures of the past Perseid meteor showers and made a slide show and a video slideshow. Enjoy.

And tonight is the peak of the shower.

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20 Simple Rules of Social Business Success

Have you ever thought about how to succeed via social business?
Here we’ve collected the 20 simplest rules to achieve social business success. Hopefully these rules will provide a direction for your business:

  1. Searchability = visibility;
  2. Being found is a business imperative;
  3. Relevancy boosts rank;
  4. Actionability drives conversions;
  5. Companies are not inherently social (but people are);
  6. Conversations generate awareness;
  7. Utility establishes goodwill;
  8. Brand participation wins raving fans;
  9. Authenticity builds trust;
  10. Originality stimulates word of mouth;
  11. Interactivity aids recall;
  12. Transparency builds trust;
  13. Integrity breeds loyalty;
  14. Portability opens new markets;
  15. Shareability syndicates your stuff x100;
  16. Measurability helps you optimize;
  17. Empowered customers are in control;
  18. Online experiences define your brand;
  19. Brands who tell the best stories win;
  20. In business, winning is everything.
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T.I. & Tiny’s Miami Wedding

The TI wedding took place this weekend, alongside other big names. T.I. and Tameka (Tiny) got married, and their anniversary dates will match both the Mezvinskys and Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys. Their wedding was different. It took place in Miami. Tiny wore a Valentino gown, while T.I. wore a Prada suit.

The couple arrived in horse and carriage, and had an exclusive wedding and reception on Star Island, keeping the paps far from view. Atlanta’s elite was present. Kandi Burruss, Usher, and Monica were among those on the guest list. This is definitely a big wedding, and will go down in music history.

The couple didn’t stay in Miami long! They also partied it up in Las Vegas and Atlanta as well.

Although hardly last weekend’s most popular wedding, it was one of the premiere events for the who’s who in the entertainment industry. This was definitely a big event and one that will be remembered.

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