20 Simple Rules of Social Business Success

Have you ever thought about how to succeed via social business?
Here we’ve collected the 20 simplest rules to achieve social business success. Hopefully these rules will provide a direction for your business:

  1. Searchability = visibility;
  2. Being found is a business imperative;
  3. Relevancy boosts rank;
  4. Actionability drives conversions;
  5. Companies are not inherently social (but people are);
  6. Conversations generate awareness;
  7. Utility establishes goodwill;
  8. Brand participation wins raving fans;
  9. Authenticity builds trust;
  10. Originality stimulates word of mouth;
  11. Interactivity aids recall;
  12. Transparency builds trust;
  13. Integrity breeds loyalty;
  14. Portability opens new markets;
  15. Shareability syndicates your stuff x100;
  16. Measurability helps you optimize;
  17. Empowered customers are in control;
  18. Online experiences define your brand;
  19. Brands who tell the best stories win;
  20. In business, winning is everything.
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