YouTube and PowerPoint: Embed YouTube video into PowerPoint & Put PowerPoint presentation onto YouTube

As one of the largest websites, YouTube is now the first place on the Internet to find various news videos and clips, and has proved to be a wonderful reservoir of valuable videos at this media-saturated era.

Have you ever thought of downloading a YouTube video to embed in your PowerPoint presentation, or uploading a PowerPoint-based video to YouTube for the world to share? I dare say most of you have. Here, I will give a two-way introduction to how to make an interactive use of YouTube and PowerPoint.

Section I

question-mark How to embed YouTube videos into the PowerPoint presentations?

An embedded video relevant to your subject is no doubt a great credit to your PowerPoint presentation, which not only makes you seem more professional but adds fun to capture the audience.

To get a YouTube video embedded in your PPT presentation, you can take either of these methods:

Method 1 Copy the Embed code of the YouTube video into PowerPoint presentation

It is the most straightforward among all the methods of putting a YouTube video into PowerPoint. Note that you should ensure that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer prior to this method.

Simply copy the Embed code of the YouTube video (as seen in “Embedded” field) that you want to use for your presentation and save it on a notepad.

In the PowerPoint file, go to the Developer ribbon and click the “More Controls…” icon.

more controls

In the prompt-up More Controls dialog, choose the option Shockwave Flash Object and click OK.

Shockwave Flash Object

Next, go to the slide with the Shockwave Flash Object box, and right click the cross-lined box to select the Properties option. Then copy the video embed code from the notepad and enter it into the Value column of the Movie item in the Properties interface. That’s it!

For more details of this YouTube into PowerPoint method, refer to the very tip How to Play YouTube Video in PowerPoint Presentations

IMPORTANT: The URL insertion is subject to Internet connection. In another word, the embedded YouTube video would not play in your presentation should your computer be out of Web connection.

Method 2 Convert YouTube videos to compatible MPEG, AVI, MOV or WMV for PowerPoint

As YouTube videos are encoded in FLV, a format that is not accepted by MS PowerPoint, they must be converted to a PowerPoint-compatible format like MPEG, AVI, MOV or WMV prior to inserting.

In this method, what you need is something like a video converter to convert FLV to WMV or other PowerPoint supported video formats. You can find a sea of such software apps, e.g. YouTube downloader and Online FLV Converter, most of which are free. These software programs usually work similar in principle. First you have to download and install such a converter, then copy the YouTube video URL to the related field of the converter for download. After the video file is downloaded, use the converter again to select an appropriate video format that you want to convert to. Finally, save the converted video file to you local drive, and then embed the YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation.

The method require a third-party medium, yet it is not bad a choice in case of the network trouble.

Section II

question-markHow to convert PowerPoint presentations to YouTube videos?

In Section I, we have mentioned how to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint presentations. Now, we are to introduce the other side of the coin: how to convert a delicate PPT file to FLV (Flash Video) for showing on YouTube.

PowerPoint presentations including a rich collection of animations are also excellent source of a vivid video. To create a video out of PowerPoint is of less cost and of more fun than of a digital camera. Here follows two major ways of converting a PPT presentation to YouTube video.

(i) Free Windows Movie Maker

It is a free video creating program developed by Microsoft for Windows. To make a movie with the software, you have to first save your presentation as a pile of JEPG pictures, and then input the picture album to the movie maker. Although sounds are allowed to add in for a dynamic effect, there’s an obvious fault in the free program – it is unable to retain the full animations from the original presentation.

(ii) Moyea PPT to Video Converter

This is a smart solution for converting PowerPoint presentations to any format of video, no except to the popular YouTube video. Most of all, it is able to preserve every subtlety of your PowerPoint presentation in the YouTube video, just at an affordable $49.95.

There are two tutorials on the PowerPoint to YouTube video converter. Click to have a look at:

video button Video Tutorial of Converting PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube Video

document icon Documental Tutorial of Converting PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube Video

After conversion, you will find it a cinch to watch and share your PowerPoint slideshow on YouTube.

Enjoy the amusement of flexible conversion between the magnificent PowerPoint slideshow and YouTube video.

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