Why convert PowerPoint to Video?

Posted By Frank on March 17, 2009
in Slides Showroom

It’s safe to say there are hundreds of millions of PowerPoint presentations around the world that are sitting idle – a library of knowledge that was used once and will probably never be tapped again.

PowerPoint users from companies, schools and government agencies all expressed a desire to have their presentations live on beyond their original use at a meeting or conference. These users point out that for every person who attends a live presentation, countless others could benefit by viewing a presentation later. The problem, as we have all experienced, is that while others can view a static PowerPoint slide deck, only those who attended the original presentation receive the full benefit. People who view it later will not hear the presenter’s voice, or understand what points were emphasized, or hear questions and answers that were discussed.

There is a need for an easy way to capture the full benefit of a PowerPoint presentation; a method that does not require extensive training or expensive equipment.

Here are a few instances when converting a PowerPoint file to video would be beneficial:
To give your corporate audience or sales prospects a take-home video of your narrated presentation on CD-ROM or DVD.
To record and post your presentation online so that students and parents can review assignments at their convenience.
To create PowerPoint-based how-to videos for colleagues and customers who are learning to use new software.
To create a presentation for grandma of her grandchildren and deliver it on DVD in the new DVD player that you bought her for the holidays.

Slide Show vs. Video

It’s important to remember that PowerPoint was not created with video in mind, which is why users create slides and not video frames. Slides, unlike frames, are static and therefore have a smaller file size. Video, which are frames in motion, result in larger file sizes. However, watching a full-motion video of PowerPoint presentation, like watching a movie, is very engaging and memorable.

There are also many recording benefits that are only associated with video, such native real-time and full-motion options. The most popular way for individuals to deliver a rich video presentation is to burn it to CD-ROM or DVD. In a corporate setting employees can save videos to a network drive and a company’s systems administrator can make videos accessible to employees, customers, and partners to view on-demand (regardless of location) by uploading the files to an external server. In some cases, you can even email them to colleagues, friends and family, depending on the file size.

How to convert PowerPoint to video and publish to DVD?
Just use the powerful PowerPoint to DVD burner!

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