Why and How to Finalize a Presentation

Why  need to finalize a PowerPoint presentation?

These days, most presentations are delivered electronically, either in person, by e-mail, or from a Web site. As you develop a presentation, PowerPoint 2007 attaches identifying and tracking information to it as properties. If your presentation will never leave your computer, you don’t have to worry that these properties might contain something that you would rather other people did not see.

However, if the presentation file is going to be shared with other people, you will want to remove this identifying and tracking information before you distribute the presentation. This is known as “scrubbing” a file. The scrubbing process is carried out by the Document Inspector, a PowerPoint 2007 feature that checks a presentation for various types of behind-the-scenes information, reports what it finds, and removes the types you specify.

How do you finalize a presentation?

One solution is to mark your presentation in PowerPoint 2007. The properties attached to the file by PowerPoint include the name of the author, the title, when the file was created and updated, and so on. You might want to enter other properties, such as keywords, to help you easily find the presentation or to keep track of its status. You enter properties in the Properties pane.

You might also want to mark it as final before distributing a presentation. This feature (new in PowerPoint 2007) saves the file, deactivates most PowerPoint tools, and displays an icon in the status bar to indicate that no further changes should be made to the presentation. This process does not lock the presentation, however; if you want to make additional changes to the presentation, you can turn off the final status.

Another solution is to save your presentation as DVD or video that is safe from plagiary. This would be of great help if you are using 2003 PowerPoint. If you don’t want to bother yourself with those complex PowerPoint edits, just  take the one-step option – Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

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