What You Should Know before Viewing PowerPoint on iPad 3 using Keynote

It is said that the new Apple iPad 3 will be released on March 7. Even though Apple didn’t reveal the detailed specifications of iPad 3, we did know something about iPad 3 from all kinds of “leaked” information. The iPad 3 will probably be a 9.7-inch tablet which has a 2048×1536 retina display, A6 quad-core processor, latest iOS 5, 4G network and Siri maybe.

The topic of how to view PowerPoint on iPad has always been hot focused. The article on 5 methods to view PowerPoint iPad 2 remains on the top list of articles most viewed ever since iPad 2 was released last year.

Because Microsoft PowerPoint has only Windows and Mac versions and iPads are running on iOS operating system, so we cannot directly run PowerPoint presentations on iPad 3.

PowerPoint to iPad 3 in Keynote

According to the above article, you can access PowerPoint to iPad 3 in 5 ways as follows:

  • 1. Export PowerPoint slides as a series of images
  • 2. Convert PowerPoint presentation to a video
  • 3. Convert PowerPoint presentation to a PDF
  • 4. View PowerPoint presentation on a PPT sharing site
  • 5. Play PowerPoint presentation in Keynote for iPad 3

All the 5 methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose any of them according to your needs. In this article we want to make it clear what you should notice before viewing PowerPoint on iPad 3 using Keynote.

Keynote is a presentation software application developed as a part of the iWork productivity suite on Mac. Later Apple re-designed it for iPads, so you can now view PowerPoint on iPad 3 with Keynote. It is really exciting to know that Keynote supports both PPT and PPTX formats. That means you can open all PowerPoint created in all PowerPoint versions in Keynote. But don’t be too excited before you know the following facts.


The iPad 3 only supports 40 native fonts. What’s worse, external third part fonts are not allowed to use and embedded fonts within the PowerPoint file is not supported too. Among the 40 fonts supported by iPad 3, only 7 are commonly installed on Windows computers: Arial, Courier, Courier New, Georgia, Times New, Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana. In order to make your PowerPoint show exactly the same on iPad 3 as on Windows computer, please use any of the 7 fonts to create a PowerPoint presentation.


I think Hyperlink function is one of the most innovative functions in Microsoft PowerPoint. Not to mention using hyperlink to jump from slide to slide, link out to a webpage, you can even create a jeopardy game, create a drop-down menu, or invisible buttons on picture as outline with the help of hyperlinks.

While in Keynote, hyperlinks to slides are not supported. But you can hyperlink out to a webpage. So you have to scroll up/down the thumbnails on the left of the screen and select the slide you want to jump to.


Microsoft PowerPoint offers some useful picture editing features like set Transparent Color and Remove Background in PowerPoint 2010. This makes your pictures in PowerPoint magic, while not knowing these effects in Keynote makes it tragic. When you open PowerPoint with Keynote on iPad 3, all the picture settings will not be recognized and returns to the original.


You know iPads are limited to supporting only H.264 MP4 and QuickTime MOV formats, while PowerPoint prefers WMV, AVI, WAV and MP3 formats. So the inserted video clips in PowerPoint may not play properly in Keynote.

Animation and Transition

You cannot expect Keynote to have every animation and transition effects of Microsoft PowerPoint. And Microsoft does much a better job on this part. Since Keynote will try to convert the animations and transitions to something “similar” and then replace everything else with a default effect, so we suggest you just use something simple as Fade and Wipe when creating the PowerPoint file.

Aspect Ratio

Even though most of the computers are wide screen which may have Aspect Ratio like 16:9 or 16:10, iPads are 4:3 by design. So if you want to show PowerPoint on iPad 3 properly, make sure your set up a 4:3 Aspect Ratio in the Page Setup of PowerPoint before you start creating the PowerPoint content.

While iPad 3 can be a credible candidate for road warrior presenting, you should also pay attention to the golden rule of viewing PowerPoint on iPad 3: keep it simple. That means don’t use advanced features of PowerPoint for Keynote may not support them.

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