What Tech Devices Can We Expect for CES 2012 in Las Vegas

Posted By Dupont on January 6, 2012
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CES 2012 will be held in Las Vegas from January 10 to 13. The show covers more than 1.8 million square feet and has more than 140,000 attendees from across the globe. We’ll be hearing from the biggest names in tech to talk about their plans for 2012. What Tech Devices Can We Expect for CES 2012?

Google TV:

LG is rumored to make its own Google TV debut at CES 2012. The Google TV will become a new home entertainment option with its 3D capabilities, Google’s Android operating system and LG’s Smart TV technologies. The LG Google TV will also feature support for the Magic Remote QWERTY from LG, which should make UI navigation, content browsing, surfing the web and running apps a breeze. Other TV manufacturers will also bring their own Google TVs to CES 2012 and even Google itself would join the game.

Google TV

Nintendo Wii U:

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be showcasing the Nintendo Wii U at the upcoming CES 2012 conference, as the second appearance. It was first unveiled at E3 2011, which is impressive with its second touch screen controller and HD graphics. It will also feature its own app store for the upcoming system. The company hopes Nintendo Wii U will turn the negative tide of public opinion that has formed against the first of the next-gen consoles.

Nintendo Wii U

Xbox 720:

Microsoft entered the gaming console market rather late. The Xbox 360 competes directly with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii and it takes really great effort to gain significant market share thanks to the growing popularity of Xbox 360 console and the Kinect motion gaming add-on. Microsoft would want to make it easier by unveiling the next Xbox – Xbox 720 – out before the PlayStation 4. It is said to feature a hexa-core CPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and GPU developed by AMD.

Xbox 720

HTC Edge:

HTC Edge could be the first quad-core Smartphone if it is released early enough – at least earlier than another rumored quad-core Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3. The rumored specs include a 4.7-inch 720p S-LCD 2 display, 8MP rear camera, a front camera capable of handling 720p, and 1GB of RAM. It is said that we have to wait until the end of February at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, but hoping we will see HTC Edge at CES 2012 next week.

HTC Edge

Samsung Galaxy S3:

Tipped as touting a hefty 2GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM the Samsung Galaxy S3 is lined up to land with a whopping 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display and an impressive 12MP camera with 1080p full HD video recording capabilities. Previous rumored to release at Q2, 2012, hope it will have an early show up at CES 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Nokia Lumia 900:

Nokia will begin its bid to crack the US market with the launch of a new flagship Windows Phone, be called the Lumia 900 at CES 2012 next week. Nokia Lumia 900 is likely to be a scale-up version of the Lumia 800. It will feature a 4.3-inch Clear Black Display AMOLED screen, an 1800mAh battery, Carl Zeiss 8MP camera and 4G network.

Nokia Lumia 900

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