Once and for All: What Rumors We Know about iPhone 5 Till Now

Posted By Dupont on June 1, 2011
in Product News

We have been flooded with rumors of iPhone 5 for a long time till now. All kinds of rumors about the specification or release date of iPhone 5 are out there. Now let’s make it easier to collect all the hottest iPhone 5 rumors together once at for all.

Rumor 1: Name changed to iPhone 4S

Rumors about iPhone 5 never stopped and recently a report from Peter Misek, a analyst from Jefferies & Company, pointed out that the next generation iPhone will be named iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S will be equipped with an A5 dual-core processor and better cameras, but not support 4G Network. Since there is precedent that Apple has upgraded iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, so it is possible.

iPhone 4S

Rumor 2: iPhone 5 will adapt curved display

DigiTimes site reported that iPhone 5 will adapt the curved display design. Some reports had said the concept of smart phone screen that a mirror glass with curves and basin in the middle would be used on Google Nexus S, launched in December last year. Actually Apple has used this technology in its iPod nano but with the middle bulged. Which design will Apple choose on iPhone 5, it is still unknown.

Curved Display on iPod nano

Rumor 3: iPhone 5 will be even lighter and thinner

Stephane Richard, CEO of Orange, a French operating agency, said Apple was developing a smaller SIM card for future Smartphone. When talking about iPhone 5, Richard said it will be “lighter and thinner”.

iPhone 5: Lighter and thinner

Rumor 4: iPhone 5 will feature speech recognition with iOS 5 update

It’s been speculated for quite some time that Apple was expected to enhance the iPhone’s speech recognition capabilities, especially since Google has been clearly taking the lead with its own speech recognition which they boasted at a conference back in 2010. It is said that iOS 5 could provide limited speech recognition functions, like dialing numbers or playing a directed music. The official announcement of iOS 5 on WWDC 2001 will make it clear whether we will see this speech recognition function on iPhone 5 or not.

iPhone 5: Speech recognition

Rumor 5: 8MP camera expected on iPhone 5

Howard Stringer, the Sony CEO, has sparked speculation that the iPhone 5 will have an 8MP camera and improved antenna. Both the 5-megapixel camera on the iPhone 4 and the 3.2-megapixel device on the iPhone 3GS have been supplied by OmniVision. Electronista said Sony would take over for OmniVision because the latter wouldn’t be able to produce the 8MP camera in time for the launch of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5: Camera

Rumor 6: iPhone 5 ultimate guess – the complete iPhone 5 rumor roundup

In order to sum up the whole situation guys at NoWhereElse have designed an astounding info graphic that literally sums up the whole scenario of rumors relating to iPhone 5. Just jump on to the info graphic embedded below to know what we could expect from the next generation phone from Apple.

iPhone 5: Rumor roundup

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