Wedding Announcement Ideas

Wedding announcement is usually used if you had a small or private wedding. It can also be used to announce your wedding to those out-of-town guests that were not invited to the wedding, guests that were invited but not able to attend, or anyone else you want to share the happy news with.

Traditionally the wedding announcement is issued by the bride’s parents. But nowadays the couples would like to announce their marriage themselves. Besides the traditional wedding announcement ideas, they may also come up with some new modern ideas to reflect their own personalities and unique style. Anyway in this new world of freedom, equity and independence, it’s up to you to decide how to announce the wedding.

Traditional Wedding Announcement Ideas

The traditional wedding announcement is worded like wedding invitation except that the wedding has already taken place. You can send wedding announcement cards to each person. But you know it will take you lots of time and energy. So the most common way is to publish your wedding announcement in your local newspaper.

Below are newspaper wedding announcement examples, one of which is announcement by the bride’s parents, one by the couple themselves.

  • 1. Mr. and Mrs. James McDeal have the honor to announce the marriage of their daughter Samantha Regina to Edward Michael Gallagher Sunday, the first of March Nineteen hundred and ninety-eight St. Thomas Beckett Church Mount Prospect, Illinois.
  • 2. Samantha Regina McDeal and Edward Michael Gallagher announce their marriage Sunday, the first of March.

Modern Wedding Announcement Ideas

In fact putting your wedding announcement on local newspaper is not enough. First, only the locals would read this newspaper. Besides, there are so many people who don’t even read newspaper at all. So if you want to the whole world to know your wedding, modern wedding announcement ideas will help you.

1. Make a video wedding announcement and share online

There must be lots of photos taken on your wedding, so you could use these photos to make a lovely wedding announcement video. No need for special video skills, with the help of Moyea PPT to Video Converter, you can easily save your PowerPoint photo album as a video. Then you can upload the video wedding announcement online like YouTube. Anyone who watches this video will feel like they were at present and share the same happiness with you.

2. Create a Wedding Website

The most modern way to do it! Once you’ve created a site, you can send an email letting friends and family know the URL. This is a very informal way to announce your wedding, and has many of the same limitations that a printed announcement does, plus some added disadvantages. It required much knowledge such as domain, space, design, editing, and so on.

Wedding Website

Or you can announce your wedding on some wedding websites like Wedding Window. All you need to do is register for an account and follow the guides to create your wedding announcement.

Convert Wedding Announcement PowerPoint Slideshow to Video

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