Ways to Spice Up Your PowerPoint Presentation and Win Applaud

PowerPoint Presentation

Are you OK with doing PowerPoint presentation? Chances are that you have to make a PowerPoint presentation at some point in your life – or worse, each week. So you may be wondering: how do I make a spice up PowerPoint presentation that people would applaud.

Microsoft PowerPoint is definitely the most popular presentation tool and millions of people are using it to create their own presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint is boosted to be powerful and easy to use, but the truth is that most people are busy to color and format the slides but get nothing. You may have PowerPoint, but … You need PowerPoint tips more!

1. Use animation wisely

Animation is a great way to emphasize your key points. However, overdoing animation can detract from your content. Limit your animation to key points and use consistent animation choices throughout the presentation. PowerPoint 2010 includes more options to customize animations than ever before, along with more realistic movement and the ability to trigger animations at certain points in audio or video playback. Here is an example of how to add and set animation in PowerPoint 2010.

2. Make your own PowerPoint template

You know that Microsoft PowerPoint has a library of free templates, transitions, images and backgrounds that can soup up your presentation. You can download and use them directly on your PowerPoint presentation. But isn’t it much better to create your PowerPoint template? Because a template is a coordinated set of fonts, colors, and graphic effects that you can apply to your entire document with just a click. Make your own personalized PowerPoint templates and keep all your documents consistently branded. PowerPoint 2010 makes it easier than ever before to break out of the box by creating your own custom theme.

3. Go mobile with Pico projector

It is true that we are already in the mobile era. The popularity of smartphone and tablet provide the successful platform and millions of apps covering all fields of life makes mobile true to its name. So why don’t you mobilize your presentation too? Pico Projectors, also known as handheld projectors, are companion products for portable devices such as cameras, mobile phones and tablets. Today’s Pico projectors provide a convenient way to quickly project the content of these devices onto any surface such as walls, notebooks as well as portable projection screens sized and designed for Pico projectors.

4. Go social with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are the most famous examples for Web 2.0. On like the original web, users can only read and watch the contents that web administrators provide. Web 2.0 brings in interaction, which allows users to create, edit and upload their own web contents and share with more people. So why not post your PowerPoint presentations on these social networks? People are able to like or retweet your PowerPoint and you will get the feedback in real time on your slides. Now have a try, upload your PowerPoint and get into the social network. By the way, you may need to convert PowerPoint to video to keep the animations, transition, embedded music and video clips.

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