Video to Broadcast Christian PowerPoint of God’s Spirit

Putting a worship PowerPoint presentation to slimed video is nothing weird. Actually, it is a spicy practice by today’s churches to harness the spiritual power of their multimedia Christian content. Since communication in the era of Internet is without boundary, churches, with the in-born mission of God’s spirit, are inevitably involved in this tide of living in Global Village, spreading splendid sermons to Christian believers both nearby and across continents and oceans. Who gives churches that power? Absolutely, the ever-changing world of advanced vehicles, more accurately, the digital world of all-connecting services leads to that wonder of cheap broadcasting.

No wonder old churches take advantage of modern technologies – they are familiar with TV, computer, multimedia software such as PowerPoint, flash and video, and have a good command of integrating these technologies together to a sharing maximum. One of the successful mixes is what I have mentioned in the beginning, i.e. converting a sermon PowerPoint presentation to video. Some smart readers may hit the key of such a format conversion, for flexible distribution. Yes, the sermon PowerPoint presentation can extend farther beyond the church where it is made, when reformatted in a universal video with a screen recording program like Camtasia, or a third-party conversion tool like Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

  • It can go and live on a private church website. Some churches have their own "online windows", websites or official blogs that can host a lively demonstration of their PPT video sermons to publicize more and influence more.
  • It can go to social networking Christian communities. In the time of Web 2.0, Christians from all over the world can find a similar mind by a simple click with Google, Bing or Yahoo. Communication by words and pictures, every netizen can do it. Communication by PowerPoint videos, it is a profound exchange of religious arts.
  • It can go to any other computer without PowerPoint. A priest made the sermon presentation on a lower-configured PC, but he has to deliver it at another place with a Mac, or a Windows with lower Office program. To avoid any "death" by PowerPoint, a safe alternative is to turn the sermon presentation to free-walking video.
  • It can also go with each Christian on travel as a mobile presentation. A faithful believer not an antique, but a true being that runs a car and palms a mobile. Connect the sermon video presentation to his/her iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, and more. Let God’s glory be with his son and daughter always.
  • Some readers may ask, why convert the sermon presentation to video with those software apps while PowerPoint itself can be directly uploaded to the Web and has the feature of saving as HTML? That is right what I am going to talk about.

    The criterion is final effect. The direct upload and the saving as HTML methods won’t preserve the animation, audio or video components in the sermon presentation, which are the very charm of PowerPoint. In contrast, when converting with Camtasia or Moyea PPT to Video Converter, all these special subtleties are synced to the output video, representing a complete spirit of the sermon presentation. You will never bother to the loss of mood music or the missing of shining features of PowerPoint. Think in the place of your audience. A static display of text and pictures and a visual show of integrated sermon video, which one will be more popular? Obviously, the latter.

    OK. I would love to wrap up the essay by 3 words: belief, broadcast, booming. It is not about PowerPoint. It is not about video. It is about the wisdom we can use to broadcast the great belief in God and creating a booming peaceful world.

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