Enjoy FIFA World Cup inside out (Part 2: Video show of football tactics)

Posted By Simon on July 3, 2010
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Just as every country has its own culture and custom, football tactics and style vary from one country to another.

  • For example, Brazil is famous for its free-flowing, elegant style and often referred to as “samba soccer”. They tend to use a sweeper and a holding midfielder then everyone else attacks. They also try to go to the wings then move from there.
  • Argentina on the other hand, also starts from the wings as well. However, they try to utilize two holding midfielders and the two center backs and thus, they are more defensive minded. They are definitely a bit more technical in their game in comparison to Brazil.
  • The source of all of England’s attack is their midfield. Their wingbacks are solid but usually everything starts from their midfield. They also tend to score more on set pieces because of great aerial presence among their players especially those on defense.
  • Italy much like Argentina is technical but has a more flowing and progressive team. They attack as one unit and they do not tend to counter attack unlike other teams. What they do is usually when someone from the midfield gets the ball, their center forward comes down and holds the ball then the midfield progresses forward.
  • Spain is probably the most rounded among all of them though. They adapt very well to different situations and attack as one unit. However, they also are great on the counter attack because they have such quick players on the wings and up front. In addition, they are very well known for a hard defense to break down.
  • Germany is known to have size to their advantage and thus aerial attack at most times. They tend to rely though on their wings more than anyone else does. They go to the wings and either cross it or pull it back to the middle. They also like switching from light to left especially up front.

Everyone thinks in his way. The previous discussion is just the single opinion, which looks a little boring and dull in writing. In fact, we can show these tactics with a more lively and vividly method, such as a PowerPoint presentation, for example.
The PowerPoint presentation file

Ha-ha, is it cool, funny and interesting? Just have a try, and you can do it yourself. Maybe you want to share your great work with your friends. Sending it via email one by one is so complex and out-dated in comparison to uploading it to Youtube which is such a simple and direct manner that anyone can watch it anytime anywhere.
Converting PowerPoint presentation to video is another amazing thing. However, it is not impossible with the aid of Moyea PowePoint to Video Converter. Here is the detailed tutorial you can refer.

Let us have to look at the video file uploaded to Youtube after conversion.

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