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Posted By Tony on January 23, 2013
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Valentine’s Day may not be as influential as Christmas, but it does actually win over Christmas in terms of importance for lovers. Even though there are still weeks before Valentine’s Day 2013 arrives, most lovers have carried out their plans to make the festival romantic and impressive. While some want to surprise their lovers with well-chosen Valentine’s Day gift, others may prefer to make PowerPoint for Valentine’s Day 2013. Of course, to make the Valentine’s Day PowerPoint moving and impressive, Valentine’s Day music is definitely needed. Therefore, here 16 Valentine’s Day songs will be provided as to help users make excellent Valentine’s Day PowerPoint.

 16. Crazy In Love – Eminem

Love is so powerful that can turn an uninhibited man to be a sentimental one. As the top-rated rapper, Eminem has marked his songs with craziness and wildness. However, Crazy In Love is a different one, it can even be used as a Valentine’s Day song. Can Eminem really express the feeling of falling in love with raps? If Eminem fails, no rapper will succeed.

15. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

As a controversial star, Britney Spears has brought audiences many impressive songs. Among them, Baby One More Time is the one with most likes. As a love song that guarantees the stardom of Britney, Baby One More Time is qualified as a Valentine’s Day song.

14. As Long as You Love Me – Backstreet

As long as you love me, I can give up everything; as long as you love me, I care nothing about your past. Without love, I am just a crazy, lonely and blind man. This is just what Backstreet wants to express with in this Valentine’s Day song. As Long as You Love Me is not the best song of Backstreet but it is the most touching one.

13. Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

As two-week winner in the ranking board of Billboard Hot 100, Time After Time is about a girl waiting for her runaway lover.  Moreover, the Valentine’s Day music also won the reputation of one of the decade’s finest ballads. To this extent, it is a good choice as background music for Valentine’s Day PowerPoint.

12. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

As the lead single from The Bodyguard, I Will Always Love You brought fame to Whitney Houston and sent successes to the movie. After changing the original song to be a soul ballad with a cappella intro, Houston had I Will Always Love You a best Valentine’s Day song one can ever get.

11. You are Beautiful – James Blunt

 You are beautiful in my eyes and you are beautiful in my heart. As one of the most influential songs ever played by James Blunt, You are Beautiful helps audiences to taste the feast of love that contain something gloomy, something  sweet, something painful and something joyful.

10. Crazy for You – Madonna

Crazy for You is the first ballad-style song as well as the best love song sung by Madonna. In this Valentine’s Day song, Madonna simply expresses the inner heart of a girl crazy in love with simple and pure lyrics like “Only now we begin to move Every breath I’m deeper into you”. Love makes people blind and Madonna just explains how blind a loving woman can be.

9. Season in the Sun – Westlife

Disbanded in 2012, Westlife turned out to be a real legend in the UK. It was the first band whose first seven singles could top the ranking charts in the UK. Among all the love songs played by Westlife Season in the Sun is a prominent one. As a Christmas Number 1 in 1999, Season in the Sun is actually not a happy melody. It mainly tells about the feelings of a dying man to his friends, families and lover.

8. Crazy in Love – Beyonce  

Even though Crazy in Love is not the best love song of Beyonce, it is still good enough to be a song for Valentine’s Day 2013 as a song cooperated by Beyonce and Jay Z. In this song, Beyonce and Jay Z give audiences something that can only be provided by real couples.

7. Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

As the single in Academy Awards winner Ghost, Unchained Melody has been listed as the best love songs one can ever get. Of all the versions of this Valentine’s Day songs, it is the version provided by The Righteous Brothers that wins most likes. Thanks to the special voice of those two singles, the song fully expressed the sickness of a lover to his other half.

6. Scarborough Fair – Sarah Brightman

In ancient history, Scarborough Fair is an old market. However, in the voice of Sarah Brightman, Scarborough Fair turns out to be the utopia of love and peace. The song is about a poor girl who begs people who go to the fair to help her send parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme to her true lover there.

5. Love Story – Taylor Swift

Created on the basis of the famous story of Shakespeare, Love Story is about the story between Romeo and Juliet. From their first acquaintance to their final death, Taylor Swift has made the grief fictional love story more charming and heartfelt with her beautiful and unique voice.

4. We Found Love – Rihanna

We Found Love is a love song played by Rihanna, the hottest pop single at present. Topping the ranking board for ten consecutive weeks, We Found Love is proven to be a tremendous success in commercial field. With wonderful vocal performance, Rihanna fully explains the mood of a girl blinded by love in this Valentine’s Day song.

3. Someone Like You – Adele

As a favored pop singer in England, Adele also earns good reputations in the world arena. In a love song named Someone Like You, Adele uses her sad voice to tell audiences that time does little fact to heal the harms done by love.  Moreover, this Valentine’s Day song not only became best single for five successive weeks, but also made Adele the most favored pop star.

2.  Baby Baby – Justin Bieber

Before Gnam Gnam Style, Baby Baby is the video with most views on YouTube. As the best love song of Justin Bieber, Baby Baby fully surprised the world with the excellent vocal performance of the young star. Moreover, this Valentine’s Day song also makes Bieber a top-rated pop star single.

1. My Heart Will Go On – Céline Dion

First appeared in Titanic, My Heart Will Go On soon became a favored song in the whole world. Celine Dion, the singer of the song, touches the chords with the hearts of all lovers in hardship with her gloomy, deep and sad voice. Also, this Valentine’s Day song is also a milestone in the career of Celine Dion

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