Valentine’s Day Gifts – Top 5 Romantic Presents for Valentine’s Day 2013

Posted By Tony on January 16, 2013
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Once upon a time when love was a taboo in ancient kingdom, a saint named Valentine had risked his life hosting wedding ceremonies for young lovers secretly. However, when the news came to the ears of the tyrant, he sentenced Valentine to death. Since then, a festival exclusively designed for lovers was named after the saint. The festival becomes widely known as Valentine’s Day at present. As the most important day for lovers in the year, Valentine’s Day is a time to bless new lovers, honor old couples and seek for true love. Now as Valentine’s Day 2013 approaches, most lovers are busy preparing for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Happy Valentine's Day

Generally speaking, Valentine’s Day gifts are of great importance to Valentine’s Day 2013. Romantic presents for Valentine’s Day 2013 can make the day meaningful and impressive while inappropriate Valentine’s Day gifts turn the festival to be a mediocre or even an awful one. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that good choice of Valentine’s Day gifts is the first step to excellent Valentine’s Day 2013 celebrations. Here the post will cover 5 romantic presents for Valentine’s Day 2013.

1. Red rose

Valentine's Day gift: Red rose

Even though it is hard to find the connection between red rose and love, the flower has been a symbol of love for centuries. In A Red Red Rose, Robert Burns describes the flower as a cute lover and in The Nightingale and the Rose, Oscar Wilder makes the red rose a symbol of true love. In fact, as a traditional romantic present for Valentine’s Day, red rose has in no means become outdated. Moreover, floriography is another factor that makes this low-budget Valentine’s Day gift romantic. In fact, various Valentine’s Day quotes are related to red rose. By sending different numbers of red roses, lovers can send different messages to their other halves. Of course, this gift for Valentine’s Day 2013 is the most suitable choice for new lovers. If one keeps receiving red roses as gifts every Valentine’s Day, she can’t see anything romantic from the gift.

2. Love movie ticket

Valentine's Day gift: Movie ticket

The magic of true love is that it can’t only make the involved lovers happy but also warm the hearts of the witnesses. In fact, good movies about love can always touch the chords with people who have a strong belief in love or are seeking for true love. Therefore, love movie ticket can be a romantic present for Valentine’s Day 2013 because it can bring lovers to a virtual world where they can find the silhouettes of the time they both bathe in the river of love, the days they are tortured by lovesickness, the sacrifices they have made to each other and the happy moments they have spent together. Those love movies teach new lovers that true love is not about getting, but about giving and remind old couples that love never fades even though time moves on. Therefore, this romantic presents for Valentine’s Day 2013 are arranged for all lovers.

3. Make DIY video

Valentine's Day gift: DIY video

What can be more meaningful or romantic than making DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for lovers? When making DIY gift, one shall make sure that it is something that both sides care about. As long as it can reminds her the happy loving days, the Valentine’s Day gift can be a song, a photo or even a video. Of course, making DIY video is recommended because it is more informative than the photo and more impressive than the music. To this extent, a good recommendation is to pick out those photos which record the best moments of both sides, make them a photo album with PowerPoint 2013 and then convert the PowerPoint to DVD. Isn’t it romantic to watch those happy moments in the DIY video with lovers via DVD Player on Valentine’s Day 2013? Of course, to carry out this plan, a PPT to DVD Burner will be needed.

4. Wedding ring

Valentine's Day gift: Wedding ring

The speech of marriage being the tomb of love totally makes nonsense. Even the guy who says that had probably ringed his bride happily. In fact, marriage shall be called the paradise of love. For any couples who are in a serious relationship, the wedding ceremony will be the final destination. Wedding is a romantic thing and engagement on Valentine’s Day is even more romantic. Therefore, for anyone who tends to send romantic presents for Valentine’s Day 2013, the wedding ring will be a nice choice. In fact, this Valentine’s Day gift is especially designed for long-time lovers. When the initial passion has disappeared, anyone who still wants to move to a further relationship shall engage his other half with a wedding ring on Valentine’s Day 2013 because his other half may have been waiting this moment for years.

5. Love letter

Valentine's Day gift: Love letter

With the advancement of science and technologies, letters have been replaced by messages or emails. However, it is the originality and the traditionality that makes love letter a romantic present for Valentine’s Day 2013. Even though sending love letters have been the common plot in most love movies, most lovers rarely get the chance to experience the happiness of receiving a love letter. Moreover, the love letter is the most romantic way for people, who are too shy to express themselves, to speak out their loves to lovers on Valentine’s Day 2013. What’s more, for old couples whose old passion had long faded, reading the love letter helps them recall the days when they have the happiest moments together. Consequently, this Valentine’s Day gift is most suitable for old couples.  

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