Traditional Mobile Phone is Enough, Be Rational to Buy Smart Phone

Posted By Dupont on March 30, 2011
in Special Focus

It is human nature to love the new and loathe the old. Yes, we have to admit that the new products will be much better for adopted new technologies and designs, but at the same time the price goes up. Apple announced a new iPhone on WWDC every year in June. It the most frequently used strategy to release products very often with a little upgrade each time. The iPhone 4 released last year is still at a high price position, but rumors say the next generation iPhone 5 will come out this December. For the common people, it is also not wise to follow the trend to buy the latest product like iPhone 4, iPad 2 for we cannot afford the high price, the traditional mobile phone we possess can still meet our needs, even if it has been used for years.

Recent years the market is filled with smart phones and the traditional mobile phone seems to fade out. The hottest spot of smart phone is the network function, in which thousands of applications on App store is the most shinning. However, who will have so much time to spend on the applications of smart phones anyway?

The traditional mobile phone is still the most practical, with a 2 megapixel camera and music functions added to phone call and text message functions, it is enough for customers. You will not carry a digital camera such as Nikon and Cannon with you all the time, but the mobile phone is always in your pocket. Imagine you see a funny scene on the way to work, a beautiful and rare bird fly over when you are taking a walk, the escaping car which caused the traffic accident, will you have impulse to take a picture?

The 2 megapixel camera of traditional mobile phone is enough. The picture resolution can be up to 1600 X 1200. With all the pictures you have taken, to make a short video might be a good idea. There are many ways to make a video using the pictures, like using Windows Movie Maker. Another easier but rarely known way is to use PowerPoint and PPT to Video Converter. There is a “Photo Album” function in PowerPoint. You can import all the pictures into PowerPoint once as a Photo Album, with one picture on each slide. Then you can add transitions, animations and music to make it lively and attractive. At last, a simple conversion from PPT to video can save you a lot of time. Videos can be shared easily with family and friends. You can even upload the videos to YouTube, Metacafe or other video sharing websites.

Who can say the traditional mobile phone is out of date? Since he day till the price of smart phone be reduced to the affordable level for ordinary people remains out of sight, traditional mobile phone still has its market.

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