Toshiba Thrive Release on July 10 with Start Price at $429

Posted By Dupont on June 2, 2011
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Do you still remember the Android tablet Toshiba Thrive, which was said to begin pre-order on retailer J&R with price varying from $449 to $579? Now Toshiba has confirmed that Toshiba Thrive will release in Unite States on July 10 at the start price of $429.

Toshiba Thrive-1

Toshiba Thrive-2

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The 10.1-inch (1280 x 800) tablet runs Android 3.1, and comes in three sizes: 8GB ($429), 16GB ($479), and 32GB ($579). When you compare Toshiba Thrive with 16GB model of Galaxy Tab 10.1, it is $20 cheaper, so it is not bad.

The Toshiba Thrive is mainly designed for web browsing, e-books, video games and HD movies. Also the battery of Toshiba Thrive is able to be disassembled.

Toshiba Thrive-4

Toshiba Thrive-5

Manager of Toshiba US company Jeff Barney said that although Apple iPad, iPad 2 remain the most popular tablets on market, there are still needs for other tablets. Especially after Android has held its own space in the Smartphone and tablet market, so some customers will choose to buy non-Apple products.

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