Top Pump Up Songs To Re-gain Courage And Energy

Posted By Saray Maray on November 24, 2011
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Pump Up Songs

For our mind we need motivation just like for our body we need food. Motivation develops a positive attitude to achieve our goals and lead a happy and peaceful life. The road toward success is never flat. When meet some difficulties, we may get upset and doubtful.

Like words of comfort and love from your friends and family, music is one of the best methods to boost our self-confidence. Pump up songs are the best to help us re-gain courage and energy. Any songs of inspiration, swagger and fight can be a pump song, which may give us inspirational lyrics, confidence from boasting and courage before a fight. Here we choose some of the best songs to pump up and make the list. We can listen to these songs as a rest, while traveling, or when we’re doing some work.

Top Pump Up Songs of All Time

  • 1. Lose Yourself – by Eminem
  • 2. Remember the Name – by Fort Minor
  • 3. We Are the Champion – by Queen
  • 4. Right Now – by Van Halen
  • 5. Come With Me – by Puff Daddy
  • 6. If You’re Out There – by John Legend
  • 7. This is The Moment – by Moody Blues
  • 8. The Sky Is The Limit – by Lil’ Wayne
  • 9. I Hope You Dance – by Lee Ann Womack
  • 10. Many Rivers to Cross – by Jimmy Cliff
  • 11. I Will Survive – by Gloria Gaynor
  • 12. Never Scared – by Bone Crusher
  • 13. One Step Closer – by Linkin Park
  • 14. Go Insane – by Lindsey Buckingham
  • 15. Successful – by Drake
  • 16. When You Believe – by Mariah Carey / Whitney Houston
  • 17. Shut Up And Drive – by Rihanna
  • 18. Get Up Stand Up – by Bob Marley
  • 19. With My Own Two Hands – by Ben Harper
  • 20. Hit Me Up – by Gia Farrell

Soccer Pump Up Songs:

  • 1. Jumping All Over The World – by Scooter
  • 2. Headstrong – Linkin Park
  • 3. Call On Me – by Eric Prydz
  • 4. Jump Around – House of Pain
  • 5. Wicked – Ice Cube
  • 6. It’s My Life – by Bon Jovi
  • 7. Bodies – Drowning Pool
  • 8. The Final Countdown – by Europe
  • 9. Eye Of The Tiger – by Survivor
  • 10. Down with the Sickness – Disturbed

Basketball Pump Up Songs:

  • 1. Thug Love – by 2PAC
  • 2. Let’s Go – Trick Daddy
  • 3. Halftime – by Nas
  • 4. Can’t See Yall – Ace Hood & Brisco
  • 5. Protect Ya Neck – by Wu Tang Clan
  • 6. Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas
  • 7. Rabia – by Nonpoint
  • 8. The Sky Is The Limit – Lil Wayne
  • 9. Time 4 Sum Aksion – by Redman
  • 10. Till I Collapse – Eminem feat Nate Dogg

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