Top 5 Tips on Making Persuasive PowerPoint

As one of the main components of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint plays an important role in people’s daily communication. From PowerPoint 2.0 to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, more and more enhanced functions have made PowerPoint a desirable communicative application. From 1990 to 2012, the increasing sales of PowerPoint had made it one of the most favored office tools in the market. Nowadays, PowerPoint has turned out to be a necessity for making presentation.

To some extent, making persuasive PowerPoint is the first step (probably the most important step) to a successful speech or lecture. Obviously seen as the truth is, people find it hard to make persuasive PowerPoint without good tips. For those who desire to make their speeches or lectures filled with applauses and cheers, they can refer to the following five tips on how to make persuasive PowerPoint.

Persuasive speech

Tip: Make full use of Picture Superiority

Without the help of images, making persuasive PowerPoint is just a talk. In fact, the term “Picture Superiority” has unveiled the importance of images to successful PowerPoint. Since the brain process information in an image much faster than in words alone, image does better in expressing our opinions. Moreover, the audience is more interested in pictures than in words. Therefore, make sure you have ditched the wordy slide and replace a suitable image instead.

Tips: Get as many multimedia tools as possible

In 1990s, the phase “Death by PowerPoint” was created by criticism who predicted the bullet point based PowerPoint would only make audience boredom and fatigue. However, the truth is, instead of killing communication, PowerPoint is promoting it. A secret to the success of PowerPoint is that it is not a tool with wordy slides, but with multimedia functions.
Nothing can do better in stirring audience’s emotions than movies and songs. Therefore, insert suitable video or audio files, which can prove your opinions, into the slides. In this way, you can even draw the attention of those dozing audience. Moreover, if you are good at video editing, you can even convert the PowerPoint to video file for further editing. After all, video is more eye-attracting and interesting than words and images.

Tips: Get rid of the overloading words in slides

Owning slides overloading with words, you can never make persuasive PowerPoint. No one design to read all the information you have provided in a wordy slide. Even if they do, they may fall asleep in the half way. Usually the bullet point design of PowerPoint has provided users illusion that it will be weird to have a slide with just a few words. However, it is actually much weirder to have your slides stuffed with words. Moreover, a slide full of words will kill audience’s interest to your points. Would you desire to communicate with someone who makes 10-minute presentation on your first acquaintance?

Tips: Express your point in a funny way

How to make persuasive PowerPoint on making a scientific speech? It is OK to use jargons or professional terms when audiences are also specialists. However, it will be quite troublesome when you are proving your points to a group of students. Most of the time, they just know that you are blaring something they can’t understand. Therefore, try to replace those jargons with funny explanations.

For example, on explaining the speed needed for time travelling, why not replace the word of “speed of light” to “speed of Marty McFly’s car in Back to the Future“. In this way, you can not only make the concept plainly and easily understood, but also attracted the attentions of those movie fans.

Tips: Focus on the main point of the presentation

For those who desire to make persuasive PowerPoint, it is a devastating action to make the trivial above the important. Just put more focus on the key points than on every point. Excessive information and words only make audiences fatigue and agony while brief and orderly points make your presentation impressive. For example, when you are persuading audience to choose Kindle Fire HD instead of The new iPad, it is better to focus on the advantages Kindle Fire HD gains over The new iPad other than making a list of the functions Kindle Fire HD can provide.

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