Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives for Making Good Presentations

If there is an award for the most successful Microsoft product, Microsoft Office will definitely be the winner. As an important component of Office suit, Microsoft PowerPoint is the first choice of most users for making good presentations. However, PowerPoint is not the only choice left to users. In fact, after PowerPoint set industry standard for the presentation tool, various PowerPoint alternatives have been developed. Nowadays, people can even use some PowerPoint alternatives to make presentations as good as those made with Microsoft PowerPoint in effects.


“Why will PowerPoint alternatives be favored by users?” As is known to all, users can only enjoy the functions of PowerPoint in exchanges of money. However, as Office 2010 becomes more pricy than Office 2007 and Office 2013 turns more costly than Office 2010, private users may take free or cheaper PowerPoint alternatives into serious considerations. Therefore, this post will cover top 5 PowerPoint alternatives with which one can make good presentations.


1. Keynote

PowerPoint Alternative: Keynote

In 1997 when Bill Gates announced the availability of Microsoft Office on Mac devices in a company conference host by Steven Jobs, all Apple workers booed. Years later, Keynote was debut as an alternative to PowerPoint on Mac devices. Available for a price tag of 20 dollars, Keynote allows users to make good-looking presentation effortlessly. In an attempt to prevent users from making wordy slides, the templates of Keynote are designed with image-oriented style. Besides that, animations, effects and 3D charts are supported so as to help users make good presentations. Keynote allows users to export the presentations as PPT files and make the presentations accessible to iOS devices via iCloud. Therefore, as a powerful PowerPoint alternative, Keynote gains more chances to win the hearts of Apple fans than Microsoft PowerPoint.


2. Kingsoft Office

PowerPoint Alternative: Kingsoft Office

Provided as free software, Kingsoft turns out to be the most favored PowerPoint alternative in China. The installation of Kingsoft Office only requires about 25MB storage space, much smaller than that of Microsoft Office. The interface of Kingsoft Office is similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint so that even a green hand can be handy with the PowerPoint alternative. However, though the PowerPoint tool fails to provide as many animated effects as Microsoft PowerPoint, it is still powerful enough to help users make good presentations. Moreover, while the existence of Mobile Office 2013 for Android and iOS has not been proven, mobile version of Kingsoft has already available in the market.


3. Google Doc

Mobile Office 2013

As a web-based PowerPoint tool, Google Doc offers a solutions to help users make good presentations without PowerPoint. To take full advantage of Google Doc, users need to get a Gmail account in the first place. After click “CREAT” button, users can begin to create excellent PowerPoint. In an interface similar to that of Microsoft Word, 20 presentation themes and 6 presentation animations are provided. A “Video” option allows users to insert YouTube videos into the presentations directly. Moreover, the PowerPoint alternative not only enables users to save their presentations on the cloud but also download the presentations as PPTX files.


4. Prezi

PowerPoint Alternative: Prezi

While most PowerPoint tools simply follow the rule to be files for slide-to-slide-view, Prezi tries to be innovative.  With totally different interface and design, Prezi often irritates new users with its complicated operations. However, once users can be handy with this alternative app to PowerPoint, they can make most excellent and impressive presentations. In fact, Prezi asks you to include all the contents in a big board. Therefore, a user needs to divide the presentation into different parts and then define the order of each part with Prezi. Then the presentation tool will stream the presentation with zoom-in and zoom-out effects as if it is explaining a travelling experience. Of course, making wordy slides with Prezi will make the presentation look terrible in visual effects.


5.  SlideRocket

PowerPoint Alternative: SlideRocket

Though subscription based version of SlideRocket is more powerful, the free version of SlideRocket is good enough to help users make impressive presentations. As an Internet-based PowerPoint tool, SlideRocket allows users to publish the presentation to various websites directly. With an interface similar to that of Photoshop, this PowerPoint alternative can not only support various photos, Flash movies, videos and charts, but also audio recording. Taking full advantages of all those features, users can easily make good presentations. Moreover, SlideRocket allows users to easily take full advantages of the Internet resources when making presentations. For example, with the help of plugins, users can easily insert Christmas quotes into the slides.

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