Top 10 Advantages That PowerPoint Files Have

Microsoft PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and runs on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It is a powerful communication tool to present our views and ideas effectively using diagrams, photos, clip arts, sounds, designs and animated special effects.

Microsoft PowerPoint was originally called “Presenter” designed for Macintosh computer by Forethought, Inc. but Apple refused it. In 1987, it was renamed to “PowerPoint” and later in August sold to Microsoft and eventually became Microsoft’s most successful products beside the Windows operating system.

Some people may say it is so hard to use, but some people would say it is so powerful. Anyway, for every success there are reasons. So here we concluded top 10 advantages of PowerPoint files have, hope they help you to know better and to create better PowerPoint presentations.

  • 1. Ease your brain
  • We don’t have to memorize al l the presentation. Use PowerPoint as a reference point that will give us a kind of cheat sheet to see our topics and remember what we are going to take about.

  • 2. Better preparation
  • When we are creating a PowerPoint presentation, we can have everything ready to go and organize in a nice fashion. We will have more control over what we are talking about for they are all in the PowerPoint files. Besides, it will save us a lot of time than to write down the tips on board using chalks or pens.

  • 3. Show your point visually
  • Instead of traditional way of present our points by speaking and write notes on the board. Using PowerPoint, audiences will clearly see what’s in the presentation, especially when you added some pictures and video clips. We won’t be able to do that with chalks and pens.

  • 4. Less nervous
  • It is natural that most people are afraid of public speaking and they will get nervous when talking in front of several people. I still remember that when we were in school, our eyes will track our teacher while he paced back and forth in the classroom. The PowerPoint can make us less nervous since people are looking at the presentation on screen not us.

  • 5. Templates for different appearance
  • By using templates we can create a great PowerPoint presentation fast and easily. There are a bunch of ready-made PowerPoint templates, like Valentine’s Day template, Easter template, Educational template, Business template, Wedding template, etc.

  • 6. Easy to add images
  • Many times a picture is better than a thousand words. PowerPoint offers easy way to add pictures into the slide, we can add one picture at a time on one slide, or click “Photo Album” to import multiple pictures at a time to make a photo slideshow, or adjust one picture format to all other pictures.

  • 7. The almighty hyperlink
  • Hyperlink could be the most powerful function of PowerPoint. Besides its original usage of slide to webpage and jump to another PowerPoint slide, we can re-organize the hyperlinks and make more complicated effects like: create invisible buttons as outline or even make a jeopardy game.

  • 8. Multimedia output
  • We can also convert PowerPoint to video for sharing on YouTube or viewing on portable devices like iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Galaxy Tab, Nokia Lumia 900 or Blackberry, etc. Besides, with the help of PowerPoint to DVD burner we can make a DVD slideshow for wedding, school yearbook, holiday, family gathering, etc. fast and easily.

  • 9. Cross-platform viewing
  • Microsoft has Windows and Mac OS versions, but due to its great popularity, the PowerPoint formats have become the standard of presentations and are supported widely. With the help of Google Docs, anyone with Internet connection can view our PowerPoint presentations online. Upload PowerPoint files to Google Docs and share PowerPoint on the web with others.

  • 10. Secure presentations
  • By adding a digital signature to our presentation, you can prevent anyone else from changing the contents of your document without our consent. We can also use content controls to create PowerPoint templates that other users in our organization can use. We can prevent them from changing designated parts of the presentation while giving open access to other portions.

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