Things You Should Know Before Share PowerPoint on Vimeo


Video share websites are changing the way we view media and the media we view. In the past, we can only view the content that web administrators posted on the website. The video share websites allow amateur producers to share their videos with thousands of viewers.

After numerous uploaded their self-made videos to video share websites, they become video libraries. Video share websites make it easy to browse, find and watch your favorite streaming video, whether you’re looking for a clip of a movie, newscast, entertainment or how-to guide. You may become famous overnight with the tools and resources that video share websites provide. Some sites allow you to post your videos or all people or keep them private.

There are currently over 100 video share websites on the Internet and even more are emerging. Most of them offer free memberships. But which kind of video share website are you looking for your personal videos? Here are some tips for help.

  • Audience Features. Features that makes searching and viewing videos easier, like search box, search by category, screenshot preview, short description, video rating, etc.
  • Producer Features. Video share sites offered resources to produce and post videos.
  • Content. This is the reason why we visit them. The best sites have a large library of good content. To ensure good content, video share websites should have related regulations on copyright, restricted contents.
  • Ease of Use. Besides easy to search, the videos should load and play quickly without buffering delays.
  • Help/Support. Users should easily get help from FAQs, user guides, customer service by email or phone, and a user forum.

After going through the 5 points that a good video share websites should have, it is not difficult to understand now why YouTube is so successful. Apart from YouTube, the most famous now is Vimeo, a highly ranked video share site by users.

Vimeo is a video sharing service with a heavy emphasis on community and creativity. You can’t host commercial content on Vimeo; instead, all uploaded content must be original and non-commercial. Vimeo offers 2 kinds of accounts. The basic account is free and includes 500MB per week of uploaded video, including one HD video per week, three albums, one group, and one channel. Upgrading to the Plus account kicks your upload cap to 5GB, removes the restriction on HD movies, lets you embed HD movies, and gives you unlimited album, group, and channel creation.

Besides video, you can also share your PowerPoint slideshows on Vimeo. But due to PowerPoint formats incompatibility, you will need to convert PowerPoint to video beforehand. Here is a guide on how to convert PowerPoint to Vimeo video. As soon as the conversion is completed, save the new video file on your PC then log in to your Vimeo account. Upload the file and wait for it to complete. Watch the video to make sure it uploaded correctly.

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