Teach Kids Christmas Symbols with PowerPoint

Kids get thrilled with the coming December 25. It’s big Christmas! Santa Clause, advent wreath, magic chimney, decorated trees, jingle bells, and inviting gifts from a long stocking that appeals! Children love all things Christmas.

But how much do they know about Christmas and its history? At the festive time, some curious kids may ask, "Mom, where is Santa Claus from?", or "Dad, who is Mary?" Intelligent parents are always there to answer such questions. Highly responsible dads and moms, however, would also plan a lesson on Christmas symbols in paper or PowerPoint as well as gift shopping for the kids, to teach them to remember – remember the glorious holiday of Christmas. After all, it is not wise that your kids art enjoying the Christmas holiday without a sense of its origin.

The Benefits

For kids living in an era of media technology, it seems to be sensible to take PowerPoint to teach them. PowerPoint allows you to add in many colorful and dynamic elements like pictures, animations, sounds and video clips to support your Christmas story.

Compared with plain text or oral narration, the audio-visual teaching method is more effective in conveying the full message to young kids. That is because on the one hand, text or oral teaching alone cannot express exactly what a Christmas symbol means, while text with illustration and sound can quickly cast a vivid image structure of the symbol in kids’ mind. On the other hand, curious children would not stand a minute for a dull lesson with text only, but they can be engaged in your story provided the text being accompanied by color and dynamic, which can be easily done with PowerPoint.

The Tracks

Now you are aware of the benefits of PowerPoint teaching, you must wonder, "How to make such a course presentation on Christmas symbols? Are there any tips I can follow for the course creation?" Generally, there is no set rule for making a course presentation since every instructor has his own style that makes a difference. If you are green to PowerPoint, read on these presentation tips for a minute, shown as below:

Create and Distribute a Class PowerPoint Presentation
5 Tips for Making Right PowerPoint Fonts
3 Don’ts with PowerPoint
How to create an effective presentation

Personally, I love to share with you a step-by-step approach to making a Christmas Symbol presentation.

1. Set up the layout
Create a PowerPoint presentation and rename it as you like, e.g. "Christmas Symbols". Specify the title slide and the content ones. Pick up a Christmas PowerPoint template that suits. Click here to download a free stunning PowerPoint template for Christmas. To vary the slides with different backgrounds, browse in Free Christmas PowerPoint Backgrounds Red, Blue and White.

2. Sift out useful content
Draft the story of Christmas symbols in Word. Remember to enable the spelling-checker to avoid a vocabulary error. Google for some free images for each symbol and edit them with Photoshop or else tool. Single out a soft sound track, or even a video clip, to vivify the Christmas presentation. From all the resources related, sort out those that best fit your presentation.
To get inspired, refer to Learn Christmas Holiday: 15 Christmas Symbols You Should Know

3. Organize the elements
Once all the specified stuff is imported to PowerPoint, arrange them in a logical look. You can consider using a chart to make a comparison of two or more symbols. Don’t have too much text within one slide. 3-one is good, i.e. one image for one symbol, and one slide with one image. Minimize the sound icon if you don’t want it to appear during slideshow. Also, adjust the frame of your inserted video until it runs perfect.

4. Don’t forget Animations
Kids like lively things. So make best use of PowerPoint key features like animations, transitions, and even SmartArt. Meanwhile, remember the saying, "Too much good makes a thing bad". Use the dynamic effects in a moderate way.

5. Save it in Safe
After final rehearsal, it’s time to save the presentation to storage. Oops! You don’t have a home projector to show it to the kids! Got a TV and a DVD player? That’s enough. You can burn the presentation of Christmas Symbols onto a DVD that can playback on a home TV, with an affordable converter like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner (3 Editions as the Pro, the Lite and the Edu). Click here to learn how to burn a Christmas PPT presentation to DVD

One Christmas Eve, after dinner, sitting with the kid(s) at TV, you can remote control the PowerPoint DVD and teach Christmas Symbols and their significance. Let your kids learn and enjoy the holiday.

Convert Christmas PowerPoint Slideshow to DVD/Video

Moyea PPT to DVD Burner ProPowerPoint to DVD
Burn Christmas PowerPoint Presentation to DVD for Watching on TV
Moyea PPT to Video ConverterPowerPoint to Video
Convert Christmas PowerPoint Presentation to Video for Sharing on Web

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