Speak for Success – 10 Killer PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Have you always been afraid of speaking in public? Or feel uncomfortable with feet shaking just with the idea of giving a PowerPoint presentation in front of a room full of people? Deep inside every one of us, we all feel the pressure when it comes to public speaking. Of course we want to do a great PowerPoint presentation and tried to overcome the fear and deliver our presentation in the best way that we can. But most often we end up reading the slides and boring the audiences. That’s why we need PowerPoint presentation tips to help us make successful presentation. So we gathered this list of 10 PowerPoint presentation tips to help you get through your next PowerPoint presentation.

  • 1. Know the audience
  • It’s easier to speak to a group of friends than to strangers. Get to the presentation location earlier to greet the audience. Talk with them and make it more comfortable to get along with them.

  • 2. Save the best for last
  • People will judge you by your first impression in the first two minutes, so you have to start strong. But you have to finish even stronger. The middle part is important, but the start and end are remembered mostly. So you need to rehearse your PowerPoint presentation and save the strongest for the end.

  • 3. Don’t apologize for any nervousness or problem
  • Usually the audience may never noticed it, so you just need to act as normal and get over it. To be more extremely, some even suggest that tell yourself you are an actor for the presentation. Act normal, act confident, act positive, act energetic, the audience will believe what they see.

  • 4. Use PowerPoint as supporting material
  • The PowerPoint is not your presentation; you cannot stand on the stage and read the PowerPoint to your audience, which will be definitely boring. You can highlight the important statistics or data on a PowerPoint slide to make it easier for you to remember and audience to see clearly. But remember that the most important is what you say not the PowerPoint says.

  • 5. Handout rules
  • In many cases, the presenter hands out in advance a copy of the entire presentation and a bunch of blank lines for the audience to make notes. Before you print the PowerPoint slides out, set it to put two slides on a page to make them readable and enough space to take notes.

  • 6. Q & A
  • After the presentation, it’s useful to have questions. Anticipate questions and keep answers ready. It’s a good idea to keep additional material and facts to support or counter an argument. If necessary, you can use statements like, “that’s a really good question,” or “I’m glad you asked me that,” to buy yourself a few moments to organize your response.

  • 7. Don’t rely on technology
  • Finally don’t rely on the PowerPoint too much. We have to admit that PowerPoint is a great presentation tool and in most cases it makes a presentation easier. But there is also a trend that people don’t know how to make a presentation without the use of PowerPoint. So be careful not to get addicted to PowerPoint.

  • 8. Show some movement
  • You probably know that you need to show some movement when speaking, but naturally you may forget to do so. Make sure you show some gestures or pace around a bit on the stage when speaking. People are more engaged with an animated speaker.

  • 9. Differentiate yourself
  • If you don’t do something unique compared to all the other presenters the audience has heard, they won’t remember you. You are branding yourself when you speak, so make sure you do something unique and memorable.

  • 10. Be present, not perfect
  • Everyone wants to do the PowerPoint presentation perfect, but things are changing. You cannot expect the real presentation to be exactly the same as you practiced it. The most important thing is about being in the moment and crafting the words for the audience right then and there.

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