PowerPoint to DVD & PowerPoint to Video: Smart Idea to Shut out PowerPoint Hackers

Posted By Frank on May 14, 2009
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Save your PowerPoint presentation to DVD and video to prevent a hacker’s attack

A dozen of holes set off a sweeping stir in millions of PowerPoint users on Tuesday, May 12. Hackers are seeking to attack users of MS PowerPoint. The critical attack affects a string of sister products like Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, 2007 and XP, as well as PowerPoint Viewer and Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 file formats. Despite 14 patches by Microsoft to plug the PowerPoint flaws that may allow remote control of a compromised PC, users may face potential threats from the existing 13 PowerPoint holes.

How do you keep yourself away from a hacker? Obviously, filing your big presentation in PowerPoint, a sort of great vulnerability, is never a wise choice. Following the after-wit of Microsoft security update is neither ideal. Suppose an attack to PowerPoint program that triggers the overall paralysis of your Office kit, even the entire operating system with a good collection of essentials. It must be a huge loss unless utterly prepared with a backup.

Then what is a viable workaround to prevent your presentation and PC from attacks? The crucial core is making a safe backup for every important presentation. The backup could be either an online video or a takeaway DVD, for both video and DVD are read-only formats that work efficient in preventing their data from corruption.

Plan 1 Burn PowerPoint presentation onto DVD as portable backup

Burning a presentation, especially a presentation of importance, onto a DVD disc is a top practice of protection. When your presentation is burned to DVD with a burning expert like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, it is not only safer, but also more professional in look, more extensive in use. As a presentation is saved in standalone DVD, it will never be afraid of a PowerPoint hacker. Besides, you can take a DVD presentation to any computer regardless of the installation of PowerPoint, and play your presentation like a professional movie on a DVD player.

Simple steps of burning:

Sort out one or more PowerPoint files as concerned, and input into the PowerPoint to DVD burner. Of course, you can also add your favorite music, insert a logo of your identity, or custom DVD menus using the burning software. Once OK with all, click Start to leave the burner the entire burning task. In a minute or two, a staggering slideshow in organized DVD will appear at your sight.

For a detailed description of burning PowerPoint to DVD, refer to the corresponding how-to stuff

Plan 2 Save PowerPoint presentation to video as online backup

If you prefer an online option, then you can save your presentation to video that can probably be published on the Web. Take the all-in-one Moyea PPT to Video Converter, or simply the specific Moyea PPT4Web Converter, to energize your PowerPoint presentation on a blog, a Podcast, YouTube and MySpace in form of FLV.

While finalized in flash video, your presentation can withstand any attack from a PowerPoint hacker. Another beneficial plus is that it is helpful to bring a web stance of your presentation in popular FLV.

A Quick Look at Converting:

Similar to the burning in Plan 1, all you have to do is done in 3 clicks with the PowerPoint to video converter– import the specified presentation(s), set the output video options, and click Convert to start the conversion process. Get yourself a cup of coffee.

Related how-to guide, see in Tutorial of converting PowerPoint to video

After the completion of converting, you can upload the video presentation to any supported Web destination.

To be concluded, keep in mind the importance of backing your presentations up, either burning PowerPoint to protective DVD or converting PowerPoint to Web video, to shut out dangerous hackers and safeguard your PC stuff.

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