Share your Presentation by Broadcasting over the Web with PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 provides many new features, thus makes it easier to handle with your PowerPoint presentations. You can now directly save PowerPoint 2010 as PDF or save PowerPoint 2010 as video by clicking “Save As”. There is also another feature included in PowerPoint 2010 that is powerful but few people have used – broadcast a live PowerPoint presentation over the web. You will get a unique link that you can send to others and they can watch your PowerPoint on their computer even without PowerPoint installed, just with a browser. For remote education, this is a new way teachers can give presentations to students over the web.

Step 1: Open a PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint 2010.

Step 2: Click “Slide Show” tab on the ribbon and choose “Broadcast Slide Show”.

Broadcast PowerPoint 2010 to Web-1

Step 3: A window will pop up, hit “Stat Broadcast”. You may need to enter in your Windows Live ID username and password.

Broadcast PowerPoint 2010 to Web-2

Step 4: PowerPoint 2010 will upload your presentation to the web and generate a unique link for you to share with others, to allow them to view the presentation in their web browser. You can either copy it into an email, tweet or you can click “Send in Email” to automatically open up a new Outlook message with the link embedded.

Broadcast PowerPoint 2010 to Web-3

Step 5: That’s it, hit the “Start Slide Show” button and your viewers will be able to see your presentation live in their web browsers. When you’re in Broadcast View, you can’t make any changes to your PowerPoint presentation, but you can edit some of the broadcast options, such as the resolution.

Broadcast PowerPoint 2010 to Web-4

Step 6: Once finished with the presentation, hit the “End Broadcast” button to end the session.

Broadcast PowerPoint 2010 to Web-5

Note: Broadcast your PowerPoint presentation over the web is different from uploading PowerPoint to website for sharing. It is real-time presentation viewing. When the broadcast ends, other people cannot view the PowerPoint online anymore.

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