Share Happy Moments of Veterans Day with a Video Slideshow

Posted By Frank on November 11, 2009
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A Guide to Create A Veteran Video with PowerPoint

Now comes November 11, Veterans Day, the federal holiday for all states to honor the 24.9 million military veterans in the United States. On such a big day, my American friends, have you participated in a marvelous parade, attended an honoring ceremony, taking a snapshot of a wonderful moment? I guess most of you did. I assume that you would love to organize the unique experience into a photo story, sharing it with earnest peers outside your States.

You may tell your story of veterans in text within a blog. Most people do like that. If you prefer to making a difference, there is a more intuitive method for storytelling, when you have a fold of digital photos to upload in particular. It is veteran video slideshow, a combination of PowerPoint and video. A bit confused by such connection? Actually, it is as simple as one expects, with functional PowerPoint to video converters. Next, I would like to suggest a guide on making a veteran video out of PowerPoint.

5 Steps to Make A Knocking Veteran Video with PowerPoint

Step 1 Select certain quality photos you’ve taken on the Veteran day and import them to PowerPoint.
In PowerPoint 2003/2007, open a blank presentation, and go to Insert -> Photo Albums -> New Photo Album. The Photo Album interface appears. Click the File/Disk button to add from your veteran photo folder.

Step 2 Under the Photo Album tab, click Edit Photo Album to sort the selected veteran photos and add captions to each photo slide. You can also set the color tone to black and white to give it a nostalgic touch.

Step 3 Use proper animations and wipes to your text and photos in the slides. This will add a dynamic effect to the veteran slideshow.

Step 4
Insert a piece of mood music, your very voice narration or a matching movie clip to the veteran presentation. Adjust to right slide transition by repeated rehearsals of the presentation.

Step 5 Convert the veteran presentation to video with a PowerPoint to video converter
When you complete the veteran photo presentation, convert it to video that can be put on the Internet and hooked to you iPhone, iPod or Blackberry. It’s a 3-click job with a first-rate PowerPoint to video conversion tool. Here I recommend Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a versatile video creator for PowerPoint. Install and import the veteran presentation into the program. Select a video output as MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. Customize the video parameters for your veteran video if possible. Last, click Start to process it to video.

Now you get a vivid video out of the veteran slideshow, you can upload it to any video hosting site, like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, your blog or podcast, to share with friends and family afar. Or, hook it to your mobile to enjoy and share on the go.

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