Sermon PowerPoint Show on TV, Small Churches Have It

Church – this is something old. PowerPoint – this is something new. You and I have eyed the new presentation app powering the old spirit of All Mighty God with its incredible Hi-tech engine. As a pastor in the 21st century, you may be apt to make sermons with dynamic PowerPoint, video recorder, DVD burner, anything digital that helps convey your message across. And here, I would give a word on the combination of PowerPoint and TV, i.e., showing your church presentation on a huge TV screen.

You may wonder, why should I bother to a TV for delivering my sermon slideshow? Why not take a projector that fits to my church PowerPoint instead? If only there is a projector! The fact is, many small churches cannot afford a projector, which costs not a small buck, often at hundreds or thousands of dollars. But the messages on PowerPoint need to be sent out there, to those God’s followers in their popedoms. You can’t let the sermon presentation be a single PC. You ought to share the spirit, spread it across. Then comes TV, a cheap alternative to expensive projectors for displaying sermon PowerPoint slideshows.

Another question follows: How can a sermon PowerPoint presentation on a PC be playback on a TV? That’s a good inquiry. A MS PowerPoint file cannot be displayed as it is on a TV set. We need to march around the bush. We can keep the full essence of the sermon PPT by burning it to DVD, a nimbler file format that can be played by a DVD player attached to TV. Then, how to burn the sermon PowerPoint presentations to DVD? Janice McCabe, a priest from Parker Memorial Baptist Church, takes Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, for presenting his slideshow on a wide 42″ screen TV. So do Rev. Janet F. Grisset, a small church host, and Joel Young, a church administrator.

So what is Moyea PPT to DVD Burner? It is a Windows conversion program that can help burn a PowerPoint presentation straight to a blank DVD disk, with all the dynamic subtleties (e.g. animations, embedded music, flash, movie clips, etc.) retained, and at an affordable price of only $79.95, right for small churches to deliver sermons via a homely kit of DVD player and TV. For more info about the burning program, go to the product page at:

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