Safe Teaching over Swine Flu: E-learning with Video Slideshow

Posted By Frank on May 8, 2009
in Educational Practice

Despite an official denial of affection on teaching, the ongoing expansion of influenza A (H1N1), nicknamed swine flu, is bringing a new campaign of school closing in some states of the most affected countries. According to the latest report from Teaching Life Today, up to 300 schools with nearly 170,000 students have been shut in USA due to this serious epidemic.

The swine flu does pose a challenge to the traditional way of teaching in school. Fear grows as more cases of H1N1 swine flu are published. Populated public organizations like schools, stores and clubs, now are assumed as a terrifying threat to most people in the suspected regions. On the contrary, home turns to be the safest escape for everyone. When being dismissed from school, shall our children subside their lessons? The answer is NO. They can continue their courses at home as well via the almighty Internet. That is what we have called "e-learning".

E-learning in swine flu H1N1 E-learning during Swine Flu Epidemic

E-learning is a welcome during the separation period. In this teaching and learning method, teachers and students get interactive via online activities. Needless to worry about the distance, both a teacher and a student can use MS PowerPoint to teach and learn. Teachers employ the authoring tool to deliver a lesson while students take it to compose their homework. However, due to the inborn deficiency of PowerPoint in Internet delivery, there may be a problem of uploading the presentation stuff to the Web. As to the case, we can switch the spiny PowerPoint to video, a friendly format to the Web. In other words, transfer a course presentation into a video slideshow.

The video slideshow should contain every component of the course presentation, e.g. animations, graphics, transitions, background sounds, video clips, etc. A sound bridge between PowerPoint and video is Moyea PPT to Video Converter, which displays a power to convert PowerPoint to any popular video in a click. Simply get the teaching PPT file into the software, and then it will output a sharp video slideshow in a minute.

Next, put the video slideshow of course content onto YouTube and invite the teacher or student(s) as concerned to share, email the video presentation to the designator, or publish on some available Homepages or blogs for group discussion.

On days of swine flu plague, it is never impossible to continue teaching and learning. Try the easy e-learning with the best of PowerPoint and video.

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