Record Narration/Sound in PowerPoint 2003 & 2007

A narration or sound is often accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation, especially a PowerPoint photo album or a PowerPoint video slideshow. Do you know how to record your narration/sound for embedding to your PowerPoint presentation as a business ad on the Web? If you are a novice of PowerPoint, you may find it a no-brainer with this article, which gives the step-by-step guide on recording a narration in PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.

Before the narration recording, make sure you have a working microphone hooked to your PC.

Record Your Narration or Sound in PowerPoint 2003 and 2007

To record your very narration for a PowerPoint 2003 presentation, do the following:

Record Narration in PowerPoint 2003/2007

  • 1. In the PowerPoint, under Slide Show, select Record Narration.
  • 2. In the prompt-up Record Narration dialog box, adjust the settings as you like, and click OK to start recording your narration.
  • To record a sound for a PowerPoint 2003/2007 presentation, you can follow the steps below:

    Record sound in PowerPoint 2003/2007

  • 1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you are going to record a sound in, and go to Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Record Sound
  • 2. In the following Record Sound dialog, in the Name field, enter a name for the recording to come.
  • 3. Next, at the bottom of the dialog, click the red dot (the Record button) to start recording a sound.
  • 4. When finished, click the blue square (the Stop button) on the left of the Record button.
  • 5. To test the recorded sound, click the blue triangle (the Play button).
  • 6. Record another sound if the existing one is not satisfying. To confirm the recorded sound, click OK. The sound icon is displayed on the current slide.
  • Personally, I recommend you record your voice narration with the Record Narration feature under Slide Show, which results in superior audio synchronization to the static Insert from Sound method.

    Recording a narration or sound for your course or sales PowerPoint presentation, a live supplement to you as a presenter, is a pleasant bet for particular online distribution. You can even convert the narration-inclusive PowerPoint presentation to video that works better on the Web.

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