Reconnect Students with Back-to-school Class List in PowerPoint DVD and Video

Start the new school year off with a dynamic DVD and video class list made in PowerPoint. Why choose PowerPoint to make the class list? Why convert the class list in PowerPoint to DVD and video? What should the class list include?

As the new school year comes this August, teachers must begin concerning a list of back-to-school supplies to engage students back from holiday to class. It is a big challenge for each teacher trying to reconnect students who may be sad and scared after a summer of travel excitement and home relax. Yet as well begun is half done, a well-organized class list is essential for an upcoming harvest school year.

So what can you use to make the class list? A piece of plain paper? That’s what teachers in your Grandma’s age always did! In this era of digital mode, you’d turn on something audiovisual in your new-school-year class list. A bit confused with the concept "audiovisual"? Well, I mean you can take a combined advantage of these educational software programs: MS PowerPoint (for composing a dynamic class list with attractive look), Moyea PPT to DVD Burner (for distributing and saving the PowerPoint class list in read-only DVD and video).

Why choose PowerPoint to make the class list?

On the one hand, PowerPoint has the power to attract your students, while a traditional piece of paper in white and black seems too boring to invoke the loose minds. A picture is worth a thousand of words, not to mention a moving flow of pictures with sounds! Such is PowerPoint. On the other hand, PowerPoint is energy-economic and environment- friendly compared with a traditional paper made of wood. The paperless PowerPoint adds to your class list a sense of green. Apart from those, families these days tend to read on a computer or receive from a TV rather than browse at a single paper note that may fade and that takes home space.

Why convert the class list in PowerPoint to DVD and video?

MS PowerPoint does aid you in making an eye-catching class list. However, it is deficient when coming to distribution of your class list animated with effects and embedded with a sound track. When you upload the class list presentation direct to Internet, you may suffer a full loss of dynamic components; and when you email it to a parent using a different operating system, he/she may fail to open your class list. To span the scope of your PowerPoint class list, you can turn it to universal DVD or video format using the professional program Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Finalize it onto a portable and protective DVD that can be playback on a home TV connected to a DVD player, or convert it into a seamless video that can be shared on the Web (YouTube, TeacherTube, blog, podcast, etc.) and viewed with a mobile like iPod, iPhone and Blackberry. Click here to get a browse on how to convert PowerPoint to DVD and video.

Once shaped in DVD and video, the new-school-year class list becomes easy to reach a student or parent with a DVD player, to publish on your webpage and to email to your students inviting them or their parents to participate. That is teaching with technology.
Now you must get an idea of the reason to choose education software tools PowerPoint and Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. It’s time to turn back to the class list itself, another crucial part of this essay. You may wonder

What should the class list include?

Your class list is for getting close to each student and his/her family within the minimum time. The content of the PowerPoint class list depends on who the target audience is.

If you are to teach a new class and want to keep a student track of your own, you can include the following items in the class list:

  • Each student’s profile with photos
    Each student’s home/email address and parent name(s)

  • To keep track of students in your class, you can use make a class list recording each student’s profile, parent name(s) and home address, or even email address. Also, remember to label them with different symbols for reorganization. This will help your match students’ faces with their names at the first days of the new school year.

    If you expect the assistance from parents of your students in carrying out a new-school year plan, involve these items in the class list:

  • Expectations for the new school year
    Class policies and regulations
    Back-to-school supplies
    Dates of upcoming events and activities

  • It is necessary to set up your expectations, class policies, back-to-school supply list and opening events at the beginning of the new school year, a vital time to get to know your students, help them out of holiday hangover, and quickly acclimate to the new environment with group activities.

    At last, I would like to sum the essay up with three phrases – conceive your class list in your brain, compose it with MS PowerPoint, and convert to DVD and video for easy distribution. Just do utmost to guide your students go through a transition shock from wild summer leisure to regular school life.

    Convert School PowerPoint Slideshow to DVD/Video

    Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu EditionPPT to DVD Education
    Burn school PowerPoint slideshow to DVD for Viewing on TV via DVD player.
    Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu EditionPPT to video Education
    Convert school PowerPoint slideshow to video for distritubing to students.

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