Presenting Awesome Christmas Gifts Cannot Do without Gelivable and High Cost-performance Tools

Posted By Simon on December 24, 2010
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Christmas is the time when you should express your love and care to your family, friends, colleagues and etc. DIY some gifts with DVD4Web Converter or PPT to DVD Burner will full convey your warm wishes and cordial greetings.

It is a headache that choosing impressive or gelivable Christmas gifts different from the rest in this changeful and fast-spreading age, even if we know that our family, friends and colleagues will love each and every gift that we give them. However, we cannot help racking our brains to find some cool or awesome gifts to give them a surprise.

Have you ever imagined that we can make E-card with PowerPoint presentations and a PPT to DVD Burner personally? We can turn to self-make gift which is always the one and only forever.

Recently, a Chinese neologism – “Geili,” which is created from two Chinese characters “gei” and “li,” becomes more and more popular. Literally, it means “giving power,” but is now widely accepted as an adjective describing something that’s “awesome,” “exciting,” or “cool.” The word’s antonym “Bugeili” means dull or boring.

A test of a Chinese jargon word’s trendiness is if users translate it into a foreign language, according to its pronunciation. Fantastically, “Geili” and “Bugeili” has been transformed into the English-sounding “gelivable,” and “ungelivable,” separately. What’s more, the word even has a French edition – “très guélile.”

So, do you want to let your Christmas gifts look like gelivable and say goodbye to those ungelivable gift ideas? The answer is “Yes, of course” obviously.

As we all know, memories are a precious thing, and frames pictures are always the fantastic gifts for families. And we can do much better with PowerPoint slideshows for we can add some necessary sounds, templates, text greetings, animations, transitions and etc. With the help of DVD4Web Converter, the giveaway product of Moyea on December 24, 2010, we can add some flash video clips converted from DVD into the slides.

If you think that a PowerPoint documents does not seem like official and solemn, you can burn the slideshow into a DVD with a PPT to DVD Burner. In the Christmas sales season, even some professional but easy-to-use PPT to DVD Burner is sold at super-low price, for example, the PPT to DVD Burner Pro made by Moyea is just sold at $19.95 on December 23 and 24, 2010. In my opinion, it is a piece of gelivable and high cost-performance tool you need to make awesome Christmas gifts just like what I mentioned in the title.

What’s more, you can use the Coupon Code (MOYE-VHRU-PPTV) to purchase all the Moyea PPT converters with $10.00 off at

On the Christmas Eve, you can play your PowerPoint DVD on the TV set in front of the whole family. Or else, you can wrap them with elegant boxes and beautiful packing strings, and hand over one to the others in person or post it to your family member faraway. I am sure they will be moved deeply by this fanatic present. In the same way, we can make the same memory pictures for our friends, colleagues and so on.

Merry Christmas!

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