Presentation Time Management – Set Slide Transition Time with PowerPoint 2013

Originally created as an office tool, PowerPoint is now widely used as a communicative application. PowerPoint presentation can either be used subjectively to share, express or support one’s opinions or objectively to show the market statues of certain goods using data and charts. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to assert that impressive PowerPoint presentation is the first step to success.  Of course, to make successful and persuasive presentation, one needs to learn skills about presentation time management. In fact, presentation time management can at times be the most important factor of a good presentation.

PowerPoint and time

How to manage presentation time when time limitation is provided? When indulging in the presentations, presenters tend to be too talkative to remember the time rule. In most cases, they can’t be hinted by the clock because there is none and they can’t refer to the watch because it is impolite. Therefore, the only solution for them is to set slide transition time of the PowerPoint presentation.  In fact, this method not only improves their presentation time management skills, but also promotes their presenting efficiency. Therefore, this post will cover two methods to help presenters set slide transition time with PowerPoint 2013.

Method One: Rehearsal Timings in PowerPoint 2013

As the latest version of PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2013 can be used as a tool for presentation time management. With a function named “Rehearsal Timings”, users are allowed to preview the presentation and even set slide transition time of the presentation with PowerPoint 2013. When the preview ends, PowerPoint 2013 will keep the recorded transition time of each slide for further use.

Step 1: After installing PowerPoint 2013, open the presentation with it and click “SLIDE SHOW” tab in the panel.  Then click “Rehearsal Timings” icon to begin the process of setting slide transition time.

Set slide transition time: PowerPoint 2013

Step 2: After that, users are allowed to preview the presentation with a Recording panel. The panel will record the time one has taken in each slide respectively.

Set slide transition time: Recording panel

Step 3: After finishing the presentation rehearsal, a dialog box will pop out. Click “OK” button to keep the customized slide transition time for further use.

Set slide transition time: Keep transition time

Method Two: Convert PowerPoint to DVD movie

Another way to manage presentation time is to convert PowerPoint to DVD movie. In this way, users are not only allowed to take control of the presenting process in an easy way, but also attach innovations and creativity to the PowerPoint presentation. Of course, to manage the conversion from PowerPoint to DVD movie, users need to find a PPT to DVD converter like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner which can be used to set slide transition time of the presentation.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Open it, click “Import” tab and choose “Add” button to import the PowerPoint for conversion.

Set slide transition time: Import PPT

Step 2: After the importing process, click “Customize” button to enter into Edit Slide Properly panel. Then customize the transition time of each slide in Transition section and click “OK” button.

Set slide transition time: Choose slide time

Step 3: Then click “Burn” tab and choose “Start” button to begin the conversion from PowerPoint to DVD movie. When the conversion ends, users have finished the process of setting slide transition time of the presentation.  

Set slide transition time: PPT to DVD

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