PowerPoint Use in Church: Christian PowerPoint Comes to Video Online

Take nimble sermon PowerPoint video from Moyea PPT to Video Converter, to warm the whole world in the big depression

Apart from schools and enterprises, PowerPoint also shows a particular shine in church use. Now God can eye a PowerPoint-based worship, sermon, or prayer penetrate in slimmed video, to reach more Christians beyond a separate church, to encourage the world’s hurt and hungered in this big depression. As a priest or pastor, you may often use PowerPoint to make an in-door sermon presentation for the local parish.

Have you ever felt like sharing your brilliant PPT presentation with more fellow Christians via the buzzing Web? Mmm, you can conceive a great pull with those who are seeking a help hand, by stretching the power of your sermon presentation from fixed PowerPoint on a single PC to flying video across the entire Internet. And the tool that makes that true and simple, is a deft conversion program called Moyea PPT to Video Converter. It can be an assistant of you to shape your sermon PowerPoint presentation to a clear-cut lossless video that accommodates to your Home Page, church blogs, podcasts and online video church sites.

Well then, how to create a Christian video with MS PowerPoint and the intermediate converter? Making a sermon PowerPoint video is almost a no-brainer if you follow these 2 procedures:

  • Phase 1: Compile the sermon presentation script in PowerPoint
  • Phase 2: Convert the sermon PowerPoint presentation to video
  • Procedures of Creating a Sermon Slideshow Video

    Compose sermon presentation in PowerPoint Phase 1: Compile the sermon presentation script in PowerPoint

    To make a thrilling sermon slideshow video, you should develop a thrilling sermon PowerPoint original first. Generally, there are 5 steps for composing a complete PowerPoint presentation, shown as below:

    Step 1 a. Select a matching layout for the sermon PowerPoint
    This includes the slide mode, PowerPoint background or template. Although MS PowerPoint itself has a few built-in templates for your sermon presentation, you can taste some others with a typical Christian style to outstand. You can get free Christian PowerPoint templates and backgrounds at eBibleTeacher.com, ChristianPPT.com, ParadiseDesign.com

    Step 2 b. Add or import the text with illustrations for the sermon PowerPoint
    The core is the content. Your audience would be evoked quickly by an illustrated, well-organized sermon story. Structure the text and the pictures. Use short words and phrases instead of long sentences. Note that audience would often turn around for another when coming to a video with blurred graphics. So remember to choose quality pictures for your sermon PowerPoint. Tune the text and the pictures till perfect. See also PowerPoint font tips for your sermon presentation.

    Step 3 c. Wing the sermon PowerPoint presentation with animations and transitions
    How would you like the sermon presentation move on? You’d better rely on the magic of MS PowerPoint, a rich range of animations and transitions. Animate the Christian artwork to achieve more.

    Step 4 d. Give a dynamic mood (music or movie clip) to the sermon PowerPoint
    Church is always associated with merry hymns. Why not move the merry mood to your sermon PowerPoint presentation? Any Christian online will be very likely to hear your dynamic message! Alternatively, you can use an old movie clip that fits the sermon to add a touch. Click here for details on how to insert music to your church PowerPoint presentation, how to add a video to your Christian PowerPoint

    Step 5 e. Test! Test! Test!A presentation without tested practice is never a good presentation. When you are about to finish the sermon presentation, don’t forget to test the integral effect. Check the sermon slideshow from a global view, looking through to see whether each PowerPoint element is coherent with another. If you want the church sound to play across all the slides, check whether it is exactly as long as the slideshow. If not, adjust the slide transitions to make them accord.

    Convert sermon PowerPoint presentation to video Phase 2: Convert the sermon PowerPoint presentation to video

    Now the sermon presentation is ready, it is time to stream it to video with Moyea PPT to Video Converter. The PowerPoint video converting app has a 6-language interface, supports 12 more video output file formats, 14 more audio output file formats, and outputs to dozens of end devices from desktop to portable. It is all in 3 mouse clicks:

    I. Install and run Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Import your sermon PowerPoint presentation.

    II. Select a proper video output format as listed in the Profile. Specify an output folder for the video output. If you like, personalize the video slideshow sermon with Customize, Music, and Advanced Settings features.

    III. Click Start to start the conversion from your sermon PowerPoint to video.

    In a minute or two, the sermon PowerPoint relives as a vivid video resembling the original animations, transitions, music or movie clips.

    Voila! Publish the sermon PowerPoint video to YouTube, connect it to your favorite online Christian community, link it to your Church Podcast and blog, hook it to your iPhone or Blackberry to give a mobile presentation, and do anything that it can help do to spread God’s spirit and better the world.

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