PowerPoint Use in Church: Where Can You Get Good Church Music for PowerPoint/Video

When you make a sermon PowerPoint presentation or video slideshow, you may prefer to include a worship or praise songs to add a shine. So where do you get a good song, a song of soul and inspiration, for your church PowerPoint slideshow? Perhaps you know a right place to please your ears. Nevertheless, we still have these wonderful church music stops, if you have no idea of where to go.

Explore the Best Christian Songs or Music for Your Church PowerPoint/Video

The 1st Church Music Stop:

christian music site 1 for church powerpoint/video Higher Praise Tube LatestPraise.htm, provides you with 141 praise and worship songs by Christian Artists, that can be played online with a real player, amidst which some CD-packaged songs can be free downloaded to your local drive. Also does it offer church track lyrics, chord charts, Christian music videos and 24/7 Christian TV programs.

The 2nd Church Music Stop:

christian music site 2 for church powerpoint/video Center for Church Music, where you can learn or listen to church hymns in the Great Hymns of the Faith – hymns that will strengthen your walk with the Lord. One of the extraordinary aspects of the website is that you can sing along with their choir! You can sing the hymns with lyrics and music.

The 3rd Church Music Stop:

christian music site 3 for church powerpoint/video Christian Church Songs, an official distributor of religious, Christian, church music for both children and adults. The site distributes and promotes the music of Keryn Morehu and Diane Simmons of Eclipse Music and Harmony House, who have produced for 15 years over one hundred songs for Christian churches and schools of all denominations, including bright and catchy religious songs for children as well as beautifully reflective hymns for adults.

The 4th Church Music Stop:

christian music site 4 for church powerpoint/video Christian Lyrics, a Christian site dedicated to providing the Christian community with the most comprehensive database of Christian music lyrics. Giving pastors, worship pastors, Bible study leaders, and the everyday Christian, a resource to help them search, sort, and connect with the Christian music lyrics for them.

The 5th Church Music Stop:

christian music site 5 for church powerpoint/video Christian Music, a specialized site where you can find Christian music genres like gospel music, Christian Contemporary, Praise and Worship music, Christian rap, Christian rock music along with Christian music lyrics. Also can you find Christian music reviews of your favorite Christian musicians.

The 6th Church Music Stop:

christian music site 6 for church powerpoint/video Music Christian offers a variety of Christian music, Christian books, and Christian DVDs with illustrations. It also includes autographed copies of Christian Music CDs.

The 7th Church Music Stop:

christian music site 7 for church powerpoint/video LDS Church Music is an interactive, searchable library of church hymns and children’s songs and other music, with related resources like church music player, flash players and etc.

The 8th Church Music Stop:

christian music site 1 for church powerpoint/video Songs of Praise provides with original Christian praise and worship songs in midi, MP3 and Windows Media. Offers over 400 songs in 17 languages, written by Gilberto Barreto, Elton Smith and many other songwriters. Moreover, there is Songs of Praise Community for you to meet new Christian friends.

The 9th Church Music Stop:

christian music site 9 for church powerpoint/video Worshipsong.com provides a venue for worship songwriters to share their music with others and to initiate communication between authors, artists, and players. You can listen to full-length songs, or post your songs, chord sheets, etc. for free. You can also sell mp3’s, rhythm charts, orchestrations, books on CD or video.

The 10th Church Music Stop:

christian music site 10 for church powerpoint/video Worship Archive is a resource for worship leader’s providing guitar chords for worship songs. You will find Christian music by a rich list of Christian artists.

From the religious sites above, find out a lovely Christian song for your Church PowerPoint/video project!

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