PowerPoint to Video or DVD, the Best Bet to Teach during Swine Flu Epidemic

Learning during Swine Flu Epidemic is easy with Multimedia PowerPoint, Video and DVD!

Hung over this Halloween is the second wave of swine flu (H1N1), a devil epidemic sweeping most of the globe as anticipated earlier in April. Highly contagious, the plague has been spreading with a rising death rate, urging many schools to dismiss teachers and students and close for a time. For teachers, it disturbs the current teaching schedule of the new semester with an indeterminate delay of courses. For working dads and moms, it means more a trouble than a help to seclude their children at home without supervision. One thing is sure in the Swine Flu season that both parents and teachers don’t want the kids to indulge in those silly computer games, vulgar online content 24/7 in a study room which is set for self-studying of a lesson.

Is it possible to keep the kids learning an existing course at home during this epidemic? I guess most people will nod their heads firmly to the question. The key is to connect teachers and students always, and the secret weapon is the prevailing Web 2.0. In the time of Web 2.0, teachers can give online video lessons with PowerPoint, review kids’ homework in Office Word, PowerPoint or portable PDF, and remote control the learning progress of an individual student via email, forum, blog and podcast, etc.

However, there is another problem in learning with PowerPoint. Although PowerPoint brings a cinch for a teacher to create a courseware and for a student to complete his homework, it is not that flexible when coming to distance distribution. Neither does a PowerPoint file be friendly to the Web, nor does it be compatible to other fixed media devices like DVD players and TV. To help convey the messages on PowerPoint between teachers and students, there are several smart conversion tools for E-Learning from Moyea Software:

  • Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Edition To help teachers manage course PowerPoint files in polish DVD and video. With the program, teachers can burn a dozen of PowerPoint files onto a DVD and send the disks to each student afar by mail.
  • Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu Edition To make PowerPoint courseware or homework more accessible in universal video. It is right for producing online video courses with PowerPoint. Get more details in the article Safe Teaching over Swine Flu: E-learning with Video Slideshow
  • Moyea PPT to PDF Converter To lean PowerPoint course files in slim PDF so that it can dance across the Internet. It is for both teachers and students who want a simplified digital copy of their PowerPoint stuff.
  • See, terrible as swine flu, it still cannot stop a separated teacher from teaching, a separated learner from learning, for there are such good e-learning tools.


    How to make a Swine Flu PowerPoint DVD and Video?

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